Exponential Growth is Paramount for Balanced Health Botanicals

Growth is the name of the game in the burgeoning CBD industry. With the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill, which opened up more legal doors for the manufacturing and sale of cannabidiol products for public consumption, more brands are putting their name in the hat to be the next big thing.

One such brand is Balanced Health Botanicals, which has quickly devoured a lion’s share of the CBD market thanks to development of a high-level marketing strategy that has left competitors in the dust.

One of the prominent brains behind the operation is that of Chris Van Dusen, Chief Marketing Officer, who has over a decade of experience at the executive level of leadership as it pertains to marketing. His focus on Conversion Rate Optimization and accountable media buys has helped contribute to the explosion of growth seen by brands under the umbrella of Balanced Health Botanicals. This includes the CBDistillery brand, which has become one of the fastest growing CBD brands available on the market today.

Balanced Health Botanicals on a whole has seen scorching results, largely thanks to the efforts of Van Dusen. These astounding numbers include $20 million in e-commerce revenue and a total 763% growth year over year from 2017 to 2018. The Balanced Health Botanicals brand has been able to capitalize on the public favor towards CBD products, combining that momentum with a hard-hitting and high-converting marketing strategy.

One example of a successful marketing initiative from Balanced Health Botanicals is the trademark of the hashtag #CBDMovement while also ramping up investment in trade show attendance so as to spread brand awareness among retailers and consumers alike. The #CBDMovement campaign was dedicated to consumer education, using mediums such as digital and paid media to promote educated consumption.

This monumentous level of growth experienced by the CBDistillery brand and others under the Balanced Health Botanicals umbrella has come quickly. The CBDistillery brand was formed in 2016 with a five person team. Since its inception, CBDistillery has grown to employ over 100 individuals and report over $40 million in revenue for 2018. Early projections have put a $200 million expectation on the brand for 2019 revenue figures.

Led by Van Dusen and his innovative ideas, the marketing team at Balanced Health Botanicals has taken advantage of the focus on democratizing CBD, with a focused eye ahead on the goal of becoming the largest CBD retailer in the country.

And Balanced Health Botanicals is well on its way. Recently, the parent brand was awarded a high-quality seal from the U.S. Hemp Authority. The intent of this seal is to help promote and grow a safer hemp industry, and to standardize quality control. Balanced Health Botanicals was one of just 13 brands to receive the seal this year. The brands who receive the seal are expected to be industry leaders and help create a safer industry as a whole.

As CBD and hemp products continue to experience revolutionary commercial growth, brands such as Balanced Health Botanicals continue to remain at the forefront of innovation, thanks to the growth-minded brains of marketers such as Chris Van Dusen.

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