Facebook to Launch Consultation Program for Automotive Brands

Facebook seems to be starting to offer special counselling to companies in the automotive industry as it has already assigned consultants to brands like Aamco and Cottman Transmissions Systems, advising them on how to manage directory information and supplying other tactics to help generate leads for locations nationwide.

There are plenty of companies with several Facebook pages that have thousands and thousands of fans. But any brand that’s present online seeks not only to gain as many fans as possible, but to also build and maintain awareness and, in the end, to generate sales.

Derik Beck, director of new media at American Driveline Systems, (the parent company for Aamco that has 800 franchises and Cottman with 80 franchises), declared that Facebook aims to “help our industry understand how Facebook can be utilized to increase sales”.

Beck also said that franchisors need to make sure the information on location pages on different platforms such as Facebook, Google, and other business listing websites is correct. Of course, if the information isn’t accurate, it must be immediately updated.

Given the number of social media networks – always looking like it’s increasing – it is only natural that each network should start to have and implement strategies for retaining the companies and brands present in their network. In the end added value is important in any business, so why should social networking sites not be seen as such? Offering consultation to major brands is a logical step for Facebook. However, there isn’t any official detail from the internet giant on this program for automotive brands.

The concern over offering the best information to potential clients/customers is a major one for any business, and at most online industry events, like SES New York that took place last week, marketers asked different questions regarding the optimization of their social media pages for mobile search. It seems there is still a deep need to find out just how to turn a social media presence into profits.

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