I-Impact Group Takes on Re-Emerging Client E.F. Hutton

i-impactI-Impact Group, Inc. (I-Impact) has announced  taking on new client EF Hutton & Company (EF Hutton) to provide that legendary re-emerging financial firm, solutions for leadership positioning and ongoing, strategic initiatives to secure business/financial media coverage. This, just a couple months after the WSJ reported the company’s coming out of moth balls.

Referencing the firms absence from the marketplace, Frank Campanale, EF Hutton President & CEO explained: “We are committed to bringing back a premier brand with a powerful legacy that still resonates with the American public. Our goal is to revive and continue the EF Hutton client-centric, product agnostic and innovative tradition, as well as provide advice that cuts through the complexity of investing and helps investors achieve their financial goals.”

Claudio Pannunzio, President & Founder of I-Impact shared: “We are delighted that E.F Hutton & Company has joined our client roster and entrusted us to support the re-launch of one of the most prestigious and well-respected brands in the financial services industry…It is a powerful testament to both our understanding of the capital markets and ability to cultivate and maintain strong ties with the country’s leading financial media.”

The new E.F. Hutton message is; “We want to hear from you.” For readers interested in more news from the company, their new Twitter feed is here, and their Facebook profile here. Please also visit their website via this link. Be advised, it is very early in the company’s reentry into the world financial market, some aspects have yet to be developed.

The new EF Hutton logo

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