Fulbright Scholars Seeks Social Media Programs

Institute of International Education

The Institute of International Education (“IIE”) is a New York not-for-profit corporation that is among the world’s largest and most experienced international education and training organizations.   Founded in 1919, IIE promotes educational exchange around the world through a wealth of programs and services including Fellowship and Scholarship Management, Higher Education Institutional Development, Emergency Student and Scholar Assistance, and Leadership Development.

The Institute of International Education (IIE) has issued an RFP seeking to select a Social Media Listening platform company with expertise in developing, hosting and maintaining an online social media analytics and listening platform. The Fulbright Student and Scholar Program Outreach divisions within IIE promotes the strategic goals of the Fulbright Program and assist in recruitment of applicants for the U.S. Student and Scholar Programs through in-person and virtual outreach efforts.

The targeted audience of social streams includes:

  1. the American general public;
  2. American higher education leaders and administrators;
  3. current and potential applicants, including those outside of higher education;
  4. current and potential applicants from underserved communities and backgrounds;
  5. current and potential private sector partners and stakeholders;
  6. U.S. government officials;
  7. Foreign stakeholders and higher education communities, including binational Fulbright Commissions;
  8. Fulbright Program alumni.

Fulbright staff will be the main users utilizing the social media listening platform to track, manage and plan social media content across various networks, using metrics from this social listening platform to inform social strategy to reach the above listed targeted audiences. The Social Media Analytics software should have the capability to pull reports on followers and engagement to inform social media strategy through a password protected backend IIE staff interface that is user-friendly and simple to monitor.

The social media listening platform should fulfill the following objectives:

  • Create and present distinctive, intuitive, user-friendly, bug-free software.
  • Present a solution that is customizable to monitor up to 12 social media platforms and can track large scale social media analytics, reporting out on a regularly basis.
  • Provide access to past (1-2 years) social analytics for branded accounts and mentions and provide reports to assist team’s development of a benchmark for social strategy.

Proposals should be directed to Jennifer Connor at jconnor@iie.org, and all proposals are due by 5:00 pm EST on 12/14/2015.

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