Future SEO Challenges

Most marketers are familiar with the fact that SEO was  around long before search engines were . However, as the years have passed, so have the best SEO strategies as well as potential obstacles for companies conducting SEO. That’s why the best marketers try to anticipate future SEO challenges, and find ways to navigate those situations better.

For everyone trying to find the best way to improve their search engine results page (SERPs) ranking on the most popular search engines, choosing the right SEO strategy should be the top priority.

High-Quality Content

The main thing that interests all search engines is original and high-quality content. It’s always been true, and it’s going to remain that way. That’s why companies should be focused on creating strong content marketing campaigns that utilize quality content to help them rank higher in SERPs. 

The content should be easy to both read and understand, which means businesses should be striving to use simple language that conveys verifiable information. Additionally, the content should be accurate and focus on pain points that are relevant to the target audience. When coming up with content topics, it’s important for companies to answer some of the most common questions that their audience has about a product or  service.  Creating an FAQ page on the company’s website and publishing the answers to some common questions is an efficient way to rank that  website higher while delivering value to the audience.

Voice Search Optimization

Another trend that’s recently been popularized, and that will  continue to grow in the coming months and years, is voice search. In fact, according to some research, nearly 60% of all consumers are already using voice search on a daily basis, especially because of the prevalence of home voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa.

All of this means that one of the best marketing strategies that businesses can utilize is voice search optimization. Since it’s going to become one of the most popular ways that people search, companies should be looking to create conversational content that’s written in a more casual way while also incorporating relevant keywords.

Website Accessibility

To rank higher in SERPs, companies should be making their websites more accessible. That means every single internet user, including those with  disabilities, will be able to find the business, so the website will get more traffic . Accessibility is another relatively new trend in SEO that companies should be taking into account.

That means ensuring all of the images on the website have their own ALT tags to make them readable for people who use screen readers. The website should also meet all of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards,  including those regarding color contrast and subtitles.

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