How to get more followers on Twitter

For a business, Twitter will not be of any use if people do not follow it. Setting up a Twitter account is easy, but to promote a business, there has to be a Twitter foundation. To promote a business, it is better to share information with others and engage with them in order to enhance its reputation on twitter. 

Finding people to follow

The Twitter algorithm reads all Twitter profiles and matches a business with people and other businesses who have similar keywords in their profiles or work in the same industry. Twitter has a lot of content and people often face difficulty in reaching people they are looking for. Some people and businesses do not use their names on their twitter handle. It is better to search for a category and narrow it down.

Building followers

There is a direct correlation between engaging in conversations, Tweeting and an increase in the number of followers. The more a business Tweets and follows others, the more people will follow it back. It is a simple trick. In this respect, engaging on twitter is very similar to engaging in a networking event. If a participant actively engages with others, people will take notice and approach the participant. If a person does not participate in conversations, other people will tend to ignore them. People who follow on Twitter are normally in the same niche as the people a business engages with. Building followers on Twitter is easy. The algorithm of Twitter also suggests people to follow based on the patterns of usage. It looks on keywords and profiles to match Twitter users. Using keywords is important so that Twitter can match a business with its target audience.

Use Twitter lists

A Twitter list is a curated group of Twitter users. It is a way of organizing different twitter accounts into groups so that they make sense for a business. This helps a business to interact with people based on a criteria that is relevant for it. This saves a lot of time spent searching. It also helps to promote events and sales to the right audience. A business can also quickly participate in an industry conversation that matters to it.

Use visuals

Visuals are attention-grabbing and also a great way to show the personality of a brand. It also makes the profile of a business appealing. Tweets that have images and videos are shared and retweeted more. Images used should also be accompanied by descriptions so that they are more accessible. It is better to avoid using stock images and bland color schemes. Stretched images do not look professional. GIFs can be used to make a business look interesting and funny. Adding visual elements also helps to increase rates of engagement.

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