Draw Something Becomes Most Played Game App


It’s cool, it’s simple, it’s relaxing, attractive, and it’s the most played game app today: Draw Something.

On Facebook or on smartphones, Draw Something by game developer OMGPOP is a pictionary-for-smartphones gaming app that came in free or paid ad-free editions that had been downloaded more than 1.2 million times in the first ten days, and reached a total 20 million downloads and generated 6 figures per day after five weeks, more than the whole company in the previous year, as officials declare. Impressive, right? It seems that Draw Something has become the fastest growing mobile app of all time (or at least one of them), as these figures are similar to older and more famous apps like Foursquare and Instagram.

Of the 20 million downloads, 12 million are active users, meaning over 50% – another important and relevant figure. This is not surprising given the fact that, in all honesty, there’s a little artist in anyone and the game doesn’t involve any special training. You simply have fun drawing and seeing the results and commenting them with your friends.

For those unfamiliar with this app, Draw Something is a two-player game and no, you cannot play with a computer. You have to play with someone else – thus making each user search for a playing partner. You can choose to play with a friend from Facebook who has installed the Facebook app, or you can choose to be randomly matched with someone that already has the game. When it is your turn you get to choose from three words that vary according to the difficulty of the level. You start with four colors, but you can add some throughout the game and pay for them with coins you win. The final content is often funny, but there are also some really good drawings. The free version has a limited number of words – so at some point you are at least tempted to switch to the paid version.

And now a confession: I didn’t know about the game until I read about it. But now I’m going to see how the free version looks like. Are you tempted as well?

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