ICR PR & Communications

Founded over two decades ago, ICR has grown into a leading communication and advisory firm. Since inception by a team of former Wall Street analysts, ICR has expanded its expertise to integrate horizontally across communication disciplines and vertically by sector.

Thanks to the diversity of professionals within the agency, Wall Street professionals work shoulder-to-shoulder with PR and communication veterans, award-winning social media specialists, and exceptional creative teams. The results? A company that understands the significance of perceptions to a company’s value, and that’s well-versed in shaping perceptions to achieve desired results in a company. Given the agency’s highly differentiated service, they dig deeper to understand ICR’s top leadership and awards that the agency has bagged. It spotlights how the agency has become outstanding and areas where the agency’s brilliance causes ripples.

ICR’s Top Leadership

#1. Thomas M. Ryan

ICR’s founder and Chief Executive Officer brings a wealth of experience in capital markets and corporate communications. Having served as a senior advisor to more than 100 IPOs and having helped tens of companies manage communications around M&A and second offerings, Thomas offers outstanding and strategic advisory work that spans large and small-cap companies, and private companies.

The CEO’s extensive business relationships, both domestic and international, and his contribution to the PR and communication space has seen him get featured on Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Television, New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, and CNBC.

ICR’s CEO is responsible for all aspects that relate to growth, business strategy, and execution. That’s besides helping clients, from different sectors, get through crises.

#2. Don Duffy

ICR’s president joined the firm in 2001. Since joining the award-winning firm, Duffy has played an instrumental role in building its corporate culture and industry teams. The president’s efforts have contributed to the firm’s rapid growth around the globe.

Being a leading expert on Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), IPOs, and other complex transactions bring exceptional expertise to the company’s talent pool. Leveraging his unique qualifications, Duffy has guided hundreds of companies on complex transactions like mergers, IPOs, and acquisitions.

Before joining ICR, Duffy honed portfolio management and research analyses for more than a decade. Duffy’s specialty was public and private investments in tech and consumer companies. At the same time, the ICR president co-founded Meyer, Duffy & Associates, an asset management firm, and Meyer Duffy Ventures.

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