Due date: May 18th, 2023


Project Summary

The successful digital marketing firm will partner with IVCC’s Community Relations Office to support recruitment efforts by building a campaign to grow enrollment and provide transparent, comprehensive reporting and real-time dashboards.

The campaign will consist of multiple efforts, including but not limited to:

• Search Engine Marketing

• Programmatic Display and Video Advertising including Retargeting

• IP/Geotargeting/Geofencing/List Video and Display Advertising

• Pixel Support and Setup

• Conversion Rate Optimization

• Audience and Persona Build-Out and Targeting

• Analytics Setup and Customization

• Landing Page Development and Management

• Creative Messaging and Copy Writing

The target markets are:

• High school students (Ages 16-18) and their parents/guardians

o This includes:

 Students who enroll in IVCC Dual Credit courses in high school

 Future graduates who are interested in transferring to a 4-year college and/or students interested in technical programs that allow them to enter the workforce as soon as possible

• Online learners

o Students interested in completing their degree completely online

• Adult students/nontraditional students (19-25, 26-45) interested in changing careers or gaining skills to increase earning potential

• Outreach to the declining segment of men age 18-24 will include programspecific messaging and encourage them to build a stronger foundation for the future at IVCC.

The successful firm will provide creative support for digital efforts, and will perform media buying, placement, and monitoring. Integral to this campaign are project updates given to the IVCC Community

Relations Office monthly and will establish open communication with IVCC. These updates will allow for a collaborative approach and an opportunity for adjustment and/or strengthening digital efforts mid-stream. The successful firm will provide a final comprehensive report detailing marketing

efforts and specifically outlines the project’s success at growing enrollment.


• Increase enrollment in IVCC’s credit-bearing courses

• Increase awareness of IVCC’s brand and offerings

• Strengthen engagement with prospective students


Please include the following elements in your proposal:

• Strategic plan for digital marketing efforts to coincide with IVCC’s enrollment timelines and recruitment efforts.

• Create targeted digital advertising and messaging across a wide variety of platforms that engages, cultivates and eventually leads to enrollment of prospective students. Digital advertising to include measurable data for impressions and reach.

• Website retargeting to capture visitors to the IVCC website.

• Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization to increase IVCC website traffic and prospect generation.

• IP/Geofencing/Geotargeting to target prospective IVCC students

• Provide ongoing return on investment information that specifically demonstrates the effectiveness of every facet of the ad strategy. The ROI data should be provided regularly in an easy-to-understand, easy-toaccess manner (i.e. dashboard concept or report form) and include comparisons to industry standards/expectations in each medium.

o This information will be used to adapt and adjust marketing efforts.

• Final comprehensive report detailing marketing efforts and specifically outlines the project’s success at growing enrollment.

References/Digital Campaign History

Vendor must provide at least three references.

Vendor must also provide at least three brief case studies of successful digital marketing campaigns:

 Include specific gains accomplished by the campaign

 Include any campaigns involving educational institutions

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