imageZest Unites Emerging Talent & Price-Conscious Advertisers

imageZest a new web-based service, provides advertisers and advertising, design, digital and PR agencies, easy access to Britain’s emerging photographers and graphic artists. imageZest was created to address a problem in the market space. Currently, commissioning commercial photography for brands is very expensive, high-risk and time-consuming.


With imageZest you can get original, commissioned photography for a fraction of the usual cost; or launch your career as a professional photographer.

imageZest CEO, Bill Noble, believes brands deserve eye-catching imagery that differentiates them from their competition and engages their consumer base. New photographers can use the site to share their portfolio and bid for commercial briefs from communications agencies, corporations and even individuals through a convenient platform.

The site vetts top students from prestigious academic institutions, including Blackpool and the Fylde College, Birmingham City University, and University College Falmouth. As imageZest expands, it’s reach will be international in scope and aims to include photographers’ assistants and talented amateur photographers.

Noble, explains: “We’re creating a space where emerging talent in photography can meet potential clients – for their mutual benefit. For too long, the people commissioning images have faced the Hobson’s Choice of bland stock shots or sourcing expensive original assets. Meanwhile, talented photographers have struggled to get their first commercial briefs. imageZest squares this circle in a fresh and exciting way.”

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