Intuitive Stock Trading made Simple with TradeUP

TradeUP Securities (“TradeUP Securities,”, formerly Marsco Investment Corp)is rapidly achieving the coveted status as having one of the U.S.’s most trusted mobile trading platforms. TradeUP is the application designed to help you monitor opportunities and place trades from wherever you are.  It is available for download on iPadOS, iOS, and all Android devices. You can download TradeUP from the App Store or Google Play—it is fast and simple to navigate.

TradeUP users are matching the more significant market activity traded in the first half of 2021. Signups increased over 100% during this same period. TradeUP offers investment products such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, ETFs, and brokerage assistance through TradeUP Securities.

This powerful mobile trading app provides you complete control of your market investments. First-time users find TradeUP to be very user-friendly. All TradeUP users have other advantages, like single-tap access to financials, FREE tools, 40+ indicators, and real-time quotes.

TradeUP has become the most sought-after investing platform for all levels of stock market traders, from novice to the first-time investor to a seasoned trader who has a sophisticated knowledge of the market’s inner workings. Being able to interpret market trends and expand your portfolio is easy—the platform emphasizes up-to-minute market updates. Your investments will grow without paying outlandish fees to an intermediary.

Fast order entry

The instant order entry feature streamlines the whole trading process, saving users the hassle of filling out an order page.

The perks

  • Download the mobile app. Once you deposit $100 or more, TradeUP offers you two chances to get free stocks as a thank you gift.
  • With a larger initial deposit, you get up to 4 chances to get free stock.
  • Additionally, once you open an account, you get one stock with a value of $2-$15, and after making a qualifying deposit, you receive another free stock with a value of $15-$1000.
  • And if you fund $1000 or more, you get an additional cash bonus of $25-250.
  • Moving funds from another brokerage is easy and cost-effective with TradeUP; they will even reimburse you for transfer fees up to $200.
  • You also get free level 2 market data for up to a year and immediate access to margin trading at a competitive rate of 1.

Trading with TradeUP Securities, TradeUP app:

The TradeUP mobile app makes it not only easy to use but also provides the ability to:

  • view market activity
  • initiate trades
  • monitor your portfolio’s performance

The Discover feature

The Discover Feature gives you first dibs to the most profitable trade prospects on today’s market while monitoring global news that could impact your trading options at the moment; it simplifies the trading process and helps you earn more now!

One of the best features within Discover is that it continually updates the list of the top 100 most dynamic stocks, allowing you to take full advantage of those opportune moments.

Initial Public Offering subscriptions

TradeUP provides support to help individual investors locate and capitalize on public offerings. If investors have met TradeUP’s risk requirements, they can invest at the IPO price before shares start trading on the stock exchange.


If you are looking for stocks with specific benchmarks, Screeners allow you to scale your search for stocks with similar attributes to show you only the stocks you seek.


The Watchlist allows you to attach all your favorite stocks in one place and monitor their performance simultaneously. This feature guarantees you’ll always stay on top of your game with free real-time stock quotes.

The Financial Calendar

Monitoring the corporate activity of stocks you watch through the Calendar makes monitoring those actions and staying ahead of those changes. Additionally, you can monitor dividends, earnings, and new IPOs through the Financial Calendar.

Heat map

Finding new trading opportunities is easy due to the Heat Map tool’s color-coding; this part of the app compiles stock information by business sector and lets you see market activity on industries similar to your investments.

Paper trading account—an excellent learning tool

If you want to hone your skills and expand your investing experience or are a new investor and want trading practice, a TradeUP Paper Account is the way to go. There you can practice real-time trades with zero risks–your paper account is free. We put $100,000 in virtual money into your virtual account. If you mess up, you get to reset your account as many times as you wish.

The paper account allows you to learn the subtle differences in the trading process, preparing you for the actual market so you don’t lose money due to functionality differences. The paper trading account provides all the features of the live app.


TradeUP Authenticator is used in protecting your information by requiring a 2-step verification to enter a unique code and password to initiate trade orders. TradeUP Securitiesis the entity that offers brokerage services and securities products to TradeUP. They are also a member of FINRA/SIPC; they are regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and must adhere to the stringent standards applicable to entities in the investment industry.

Customer support

TradeUP offers chat support Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. EST to 5 p.m. EST. You can send an email to–a dedicated customer service representative will respond promptly.

There’s also a help center on the mobile app that’s accessible 24/7. You can search by keyword.

Wrapping things up

Overall, TradeUP gives users customizable options, so you can view the market information the way you want to view it, helping you make the right decisions for you at any moment.

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TradeUP: TradeUP is a trading platform and developed by TradeUP Inc. Its brokerage services are provided by its US affiliate, TradeUP Securities Inc. (Formerly Marsco Investment Corporation). 

TradeUP Securities, Inc: TradeUP Securities, Inc. (“TradeUP Securities”) is a registered brokerage firm at SEC (CRD: 18483; SEC: 8-36754), a member of FINRA/SIPC and a member of DTC/NSCC, regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Check the background on the firm on FINRA’s BrokerCheck ( 

Not Advice:  The information contained in this material is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide professional, investment or any other type of advice or recommendation, or to create a fiduciary relationship. TradeUP Securities does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, reliability, completeness, appropriateness or sufficiency for any purpose of any information included in this material.  Certain information may have been provided by third-party sources and, while believed to be reliable, has not been independently verified by TradeUP Securities, and its accuracy or completeness cannot be guaranteed.  You should not make an investment decision in reliance on this material, which is based on information that is likely to change without notice. 

IPO Investment Risk: IPO is a high risk investment, the investors may lose a lot of principal when subscripting IPOs. The service is provided by TradeUP Securities’ affiliate, US Tiger Securities, Inc. which is a US registered Broker Dealer.

Not An Offer or Solicitation: Nothing contained in this material is, or should be construed as, an offer, a solicitation of an offer or an invitation to buy or sell any security or derivative, and it is not intended for distribution in any jurisdiction where such distribution would be contrary to law.

Risk of Loss.  Securities and derivatives transactions involve risk of loss, including loss of principal.  You should weigh potential benefits against the risks.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results. 

Not a Valuation:  This material is not an official valuation of any security or derivative mentioned herein.  Any pricing information provided is indicative only and does not reflect a level at which TradeUP Securities  may be prepared to execute a trade; nor is it intended to demonstrate actual results that may be achieved by any transaction. 

Electronic Trading:  Electronic trading poses unique risks to investors. System response and access times may vary due to market conditions, system performance, and other factors. Market volatility, volume, and system availability may delay account access and trade executions.

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