Kathy Savitt, Public Relations Pro Extraordinaire Moving on up to STX Entertainment

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Yahoo’s Chief Marketing Officer and Head of their Media Department, Kathy Savitt has resigned from her job with the tech giant and is moving to new digs in October at STX Entertainment. Her new post will be as President of Digital Media, and she will oversee their global digital content strategy.

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Yahoo Time

Savitt started with Yahoo in 2012 and worked with Yahoo’s Sports, Finance, and news in their efforts for global brand marketing, audience engagement strategies, product, and performance marketing. She also worked with video and original editorial content while with Yahoo.

STX Entertainment everything-pr

Making a Future with STX Digital

Robert Simonds, Chairman and CEO of STX, said, “Kathy’s combined expertise in marketing and digital content creation is unparalleled. Her industry experience and creative vision will establish STX Digital as a new and disruptive force in the entertainment industry as we tell compelling stories to a global audience.”

He continued by saying, “She has keen insights into storytelling that meets digital and television viewers where they watch. Kathy will help us approach digital opportunities from an audience-first perspective, producing the best story possible.”

STX Entertainment specializes in production, marketing, and distribution of talent-driven films, television, and digital programming. It’s fully-integrated in motion pictures and television. It is also the first new major studio in Hollywood for more than two decades.

CEO and Other Experience and Expertise

Savitt has more than 30 years’ experience in e-commerce, media, marketing, and executive leadership. Before her time with Yahoo, in 2009, she founded and served as CEO of Lockerz. Lockerz’ efforts were to revolutionize the way Generation Z consumes and discovers products and content.

Prior to Lockerz, she was Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer for American Eagle Outfitters. And before that, she was Vice President of Strategic Communications, Content, and Entertainment initiatives for Amazon.com. She’s played with the biggest boys in the marketing field.

What few published articles on her mention is how her career began in public relations, while working in partnership with MWW PR Group. During that time, she was in Seattle and helped create a subsidiary firm of MWW called MWW/Savitt. That agency experienced success.

Training, Education, and Affiliations

Kathy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history and government from Cornell University and currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Alaska Air Group. With all her expertise and high-level experience, Kathy’s long-time PR efforts bring a deeper level of professionalism to PR and the entertainment field making her move to STX ideal.

Congratulations to both Ms. Savitt and STX Entertainment, we think you’ve both made an excellent choice. We always root for Public Relations professionals to succeed.

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