Kentucky Airport Seeking A Crisis Communications Firm

Blue Grass Airport

Blue Grass Airport, located in Lexington, Kentucky, serves more than 1.2 million passengers annually. The airport is served by four airlines providing non-stop service to 17 destinations and convenient connecting service to business and leisure destinations worldwide.

Blue Grass Airport is seeking a qualified and experienced public relations agency to create a written crisis communications plan for both aviation and non-aviation (ie. weather, cyber security, public safety) emergencies.  This communications plan will supplement the airport’s existing emergency response plan required and approved by the Federal Aviation Association.

They seek to create a detailed crisis communications plan that outlines the communication responsibilities of the airport board, executive director and media relations staff in the event of an emergency.  It should outline a strategy to help airport staff communicate with internal and external stakeholders during a crisis in a professional, timely manner while protecting the reputation of the airport.  As an organization that deeply values its community, the airport is committed to transparency and serving its stakeholders and this plan should support those efforts.

Scope includes:

  • A written crisis communications plan for both aviation and non-aviation emergencies.  The plan should include responsibilities, key messages, tools/resources and tasks associated with communications during a crisis and should supplement the airport’s emergency response plan. Ideally, but not required, the plan will incorporate an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) during an aviation disaster and how the airport’s media relations team will partner with the NTSB.
  • The crisis communications plan should detail the flow of communication among staff and the dissemination of information to the media and general public.  All platforms of media should be incorporated, including the use of the airport’s social media accounts and website. This should include an outline for a dark site in the event the airport’s website needs to be quickly changed to inform audiences of a potential or current crisis.
  • Provide a list of potential vendors, resources and necessary equipment to conduct a large-scale press conference that will accommodate national media.
  • Provide crisis communications training for key members of the airport executive team and marketing team.

Proposals are due by February 23rd to Amy Caudill at (859) 425-3126 or by e-mail at

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