Lake Land College Seeks Digital PR Firm

Lake Land College, Mattoon, Illinois, requests proposals from qualified digital PR firms to provide a framework for a five-year marketing plan to drive enrollment of new students and generate employer and community engagement based on analytics and best practices for:

  • Specific target audiences
  • Traditional and digital media
  • Communication from lead generation to enrollment

Lake Land College recently implemented a new brand identity throughout the college community. With that brand established, the college seeks to evaluate its marketing initiatives and develop a comprehensive five- year marketing plan.

Scope of Work:

  • Define and differentiate target audiences and recommend resources and marketing and communication strategies to reach these audiences that lead to increased enrollment. Describe data gathering and analysis methodologies that will be utilized to develop strategies and build a deeper understanding of target audiences’ behaviors.
  • Evaluate current marketing practices and recommend strategies for improvement that take into consideration staffing, resources and existing program offerings.
  • Recommend an enrollment advertising plan including messaging, placement and a budget mix of both digital and traditional media. Determine methods for tracking effectiveness.
  • Provide recommendations on social media strategy, including a review of analytics regarding advertising and engagement.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations on the experience of a potential student from initial contact to completion of the application.
  • Evaluate opportunities to capture visitors and generate leads via the college’s website.
  • Assist in the development of tracking methods to evaluate the outcomes of advertising and public relations activities. Advise the college on how to develop metrics to evaluate the investment of resources into the obtainment of a new student, returning student and retained student.
  • Provide framework for a cohesive five-year marketing, communication, advertising and website strategy including data analysis findings, recommendations, templates and training documents.

Due Date:

December 15, 2017.





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