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LANE ELECTRIC is seeking proposals from qualified contractors to assist with conducting a Wildfire Public Education Campaign, assist with the facilitation of town hall meetings, and provide on-call communications and outreach services. The objective of the RFP is to secure the services of an experienced contractor who is capable of leading public outreach and education efforts around wildfire safety including the concept of Public Safety Power Shutoff events. The successful proposer must be capable of assembling, directing, and managing a workforce that can successfully execute a public outreach and education campaign according to all applicable rules and regulations.

Scope of Work:


Lane Electric Cooperative (LANE ELECTRIC) is a member-owned cooperative that provides electric

service to patrons in a portion of Lane County Oregon. LANE ELECTRIC has 13,000 account holders

including residential, commercial, and government members. A portion of LANE ELECTRIC’s service

territory was impacted by Wildfires (DR-4562-OR) beginning on September 7, 2020. The effect of the

wildfire was significant, causing widespread damage to homes, businesses, core infrastructure, and

other property. To educate members about wildfire safety, prevent and mitigate against future fire

events, and assist with response to future events, LANE ELECTRIC requires the work described in this


B. Work under this contract will include the following:

Public Education and Communications Plan

1. Develop and execute a comprehensive three-year public outreach and communication plan to

educate LANE ELECTRIC’s members about wildfire safety including prevention, mitigation,

and Public Safety Power Shutoffs. The plan will include, but is not limited to, the following:

a. Community messaging program including regularly scheduled activities and creative

ideas for ongoing communication

b. Digital and social media campaign and web-based communication

c. Traditional media campaign including print ads, radio, and direct mail

2. For each item in the public outreach and communication plan, the Consultant will develop a

detailed implementation strategy that will include:

a. Responsible parties

b. External stakeholders

c. Timelines

d. Communication techniques

e. Estimated budget

f. Funding source(s)

g. Measurable targets and goals

3. Create Marketing Materials and Graphics

a. Program messaging/talking points

b. Informational brochures

c. Infographics

d. Social media posts

e. Other materials as recommended (billboards, event materials, etc.)





Wildfire Mitigation Plan Outreach

1. Assist in the preparation for and facilitation of four (4) district Town Hall meetings with LANE

ELECTRIC members and stakeholders to discuss wildfire mitigation planning efforts.

2. Post draft wildfire mitigation plan to LANE ELECTRIC’S website and assist in the collection

of public comments on the plan. *Note: Respondent is not responsible for drafting wildfire

mitigation plan.

On-Call Communications and Public Relations

1. Develop public service announcements for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery for

future incidents and emergencies that impact LANE ELECTRIC’s service territory.

2. Serve as the Public Information Officer for future incidents and emergencies. Coordinate with

LANE ELECTRIC staff and external stakeholders.

Due Date: 5:00 p.m. on October 13, 2021


Proposals may be submitted in hardcopy or electronically. For hardcopy submission, two (2) copies

of the proposal may be delivered to LANE ELECTRIC in a sealed package, clearly marked on the

outside RFP COMMUNICATIONS AND OUTREACH and addressed to:

Lane Electric Cooperative

Attn: Debi Wilson


787 Bailey Hill Road

Eugene, OR 97402

Email submittals should be sent to

Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Ketchum PR.

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