Las Cruces Innovation and Industrial Park Marketing and Public Relations Campaign

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The City of Las Cruces (City), a New Mexico Municipal Corporation, is soliciting proposals from qualified firms interested in entering into an agreement for Industrial Park Marketing and Public Relations Campaign as described herein.

The City of Las Cruces, New Mexico is the second-largest city in the state with a population of roughly 111,000 people. Nestled in southern New Mexico’s Mesilla Valley between the Rio Grande River and Organ Mountains, Las Cruces is located approximately 79 miles South of Spaceport America and 50 miles North of El Paso, TX. Page 3 of 8 The Economic Development Department is the city department primarily responsible for driving economic growth in the city.

A target area for economic development is the Las Cruces Innovation and Industrial Park (LCIIP), with 900 acres of City-owned land that is available for sale/lease. LCIIP has ample available utility-served land to accommodate growth. LCIIP has access to Interstate 10 and Interstate 25 and is adjacent to the Las Cruces International Airport. Current tenants at the LCIIP include Saputo Cheese, Alaska Structures, SCALE Ag Services, and X2nSat Inc, among others.

Scope of Work:

A. Campaign Concepting and Production Following the LCIIP Marketing Plan, create campaign concepts that include, at a minimum, key messaging, consistent design elements, and provide campaign collateral, such as infographics, video, and advertisements. Should include, but not be limited to, creative concepts, design, copywriting, and layout services. Keep a detailed log of ongoing and completed projects by year with links to downloadable assets. City will own all assets created for this project. All graphic and layout designs will meet all ADA requirements and contains necessary ADA compliant PDF language.

B. Public Relations Roll out a public relations campaign that tells the story of the advantages and benefits of business in the LCIIP. Research, write, and pitch stories approved by City staff of the industrial park to regional, national, international writers, journalists, bloggers, and publications. Include a social media component in the public relations campaign. Create and distribute consistent content to industry contacts. Generate and track earned media and provide regular reporting.

C. Paid Media Placement Review target audiences and recommend paid advertising platforms for recruitment. Place advertising approved by City staff to promote the LCIIP. Selected firm should have financial capacity to make media buys and be reimbursed by the City on their monthly invoices. Review for quality control. Provide regular reporting on reach, impressions, and impact.

Due Date:  October 28, 2021 / 4:00 p.m


Proposals must be submitted by the due date/time to

Relevant agencies to consider include Coyne PR and Alison Brod PR.

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