Push the Envelope PR: Agency Profile

The full-service communications agency Push the Envelope PR was founded back in 2006 and works with clients in the beauty, fashion, wellness, and lifestyle industries. Located in New Jersey, the agency was created out of intense love and passion for beautiful things and sharing them with the rest of the world. Push the Envelope PR helps clients create connections between brands and their target audiences through relevant media outlets, influencers, and more.

This is an agency that is easily able to build bridges between its clients and target audiences in order to establish a strong and clear presence in whichever space the client occupies. By becoming an extension of the client as well as the values the client represents, the agency delivers positive results.

By creating strategic marketing and public relations campaigns, Push the Envelope PR has been helping a number of brands grow. From the countless media contacts and long-standing relationships, it provides to its proven track record for elevating brand awareness with the help of innovative and creative tactics, Push the Envelope PR helps clients achieve success.

The agency provides its clients with a collection of services including branding, digital marketing, and editing. The agency works very closely with its clients in order to capture their client’s voices and key messaging so it can increase brand awareness and generate positive media coverage across all relevant platforms. The team at the agency also works with each client to identify their marketing and PR campaign goals, collaborating and executing various activations such as digital marketing, editorial coverage, and brand development.

With Push The Envelope’s editorial service, clients can receive numerous benefits ranging from traditional product placement to interviews for full feature editorials. The goal of the service is for clients to be pitched in a creative fashion so they can tell their stories and connect with their target audience. That’s why the agency aligns its PR strategies and media techniques with its clients’ own goals regarding business and creating successful campaigns. The agency also has a comprehensive approach which includes media strategizing, press appointments, print, and digital placements, media activations, award placements, and more. Through this approach  Push the Envelope PR is able to give its clients maximum exposure.

With the digital marketing service, clients can benefit by receiving a successful influencer marketing campaign from the agency, as well as in creating and managing social media channels to maximize brand exposure across a number of channels.The agency works with brands to offer either fully integrated campaigns or support as needed and works on identifying and cultivating relationships with relevant social media influencers in order to reach niche communities.

Finally, with the branding service, Push the Envelope PR provides clients with a number of branding services that can reflect the clients’ core values and put them in positions for growth. The agency is able to conceptualize, produce, and execute a variety of strategies to expand a client’s consumer database.

A number of brands have decided to work with the agency, including Goodwipes, Baloo, Indah, Paddywax, and more.

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