Cayman Islands Department of Tourism is Seeking A Latin American PR Agency

Cayman Islands Department Public Relations

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism is seeking a Latin American Public Relations company to attract more tourists to the island. The island seeks a fully integrated marketing campaign, including consumer PR, social media and partnerships to travel industry education and sales incentives. Primary markets to focus on are Argentina and Brazil, although the general market focus is all of Latin America, primarily upscale consumers.

According to the RFP, they seek to “increase air arrivals and the economic benefits of tourism for the people who live and work here. We seek to be the sun, sea and sand destination of choice for the affluent, educated, adventurous traveller who values togetherness by representing the best in an authentic, environmentally-responsible, sophisticated and safe vacation destination. “Scope of work includes: Strategic planning for the Tourism Industry, Technical Advice, Research and Policy Input, Coordinate the implementation of the National Tourism Management Policy, Support for Tourism Boards & Committees, Tourism Public Relations Services, Crisis and Emergency Communications, Product Development & Regulatory Activities, Tourist Accommodation Inspections and Licensing Services, Pilot Environmental Program for the Tourism Sector, and more.

Additionally: Collection, Preparation and Publication of Statistical Information, Marketing Planning & Implementation, Direct Marketing, Promotional Activities, Advertising Activities, Websites Management,

Events Marketing & Co-Branding, Relationship Management with Strategic Partners.

Marketing objectives for the assignment are defined as:

  1.  Assert Cayman’s position as a leading luxury tourist destination
  2.  Support to all related institutions in promoting the Cayman Islands
  3.  Increase positive brand awareness of the Cayman Islands in our key source markets
  4.  Increase visitor arrivals (cruise and air)
  5. Increase length of stay of each customer/visitor
  6.  Attract visitors consistently throughout the year
  7.  Make effective decisions about tourism related investments
  8.  Create effective tourism policies and strategies
  9.  Develop partnerships and co-marketing opportunities, where appropriate, that drive positive perceptions of the Cayman Islands
  10.  Own social media channels as part of the outreach to consumers

The right agency will have previous experience in the region as well as a complete understanding of travel and tourism throughout Latin America.

The selected partner must have:

  1.  Relevant understanding of Cayman’s tourism industry
  2.  Demonstrated capabilities and understanding of the international travel and tourism industry, including air travel, hotels and destination management companies (DMCs), etc.
  3.  High level of commitment to client service in terms of quality, thoroughness of strategic approach and follow through
  4.  Ability to establish strong rapport with representatives of the Cayman Islands Government tourism staff and other programme stakeholders (e.g., private sector, industry associations, etc.)
  5.  Existing and effective planning and cost control mechanisms
  6.  Proven track record through key success indicators and results with other client accounts
  7.  Demonstrated track record in CRM strategy and programme management.

Deadline for submission is August 31 – Review the full RFP here

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