Liberty Communications to Open New York Offices

Liberty Communications

UK tech consultancy Liberty Communication announced that it will open a New York operation at the beginning of 2013, and another US office later on. The 14 years old agency, which focuses mainly on technology and mobile, is in the process of recruiting a US team. The firm also mentioned that it will handle a number of clients in the USA, but didn’t disclose their names as of yet.

“Liberty has built a successful business in the European market for our North American-based clients and we are increasingly being asked to provide support in their local market under the Liberty brand,” said Dee Gibbs, Managing director of Liberty Communication. “New York is the first city in which we will deploy a Liberty-owned venture, but this is just the start.”

“Many of our clients want local support from Liberty because they believe in its creativity, passion and unique approach to dedicated client services,” she added. “These approaches lie at the very core of Liberty’s modus operandi, and will continue to sit at the heart of the business, no matter where our offices are located.”

Gibbs chose to hire local personnel as she considers that sending UK staff to handle the US offices approach “means local knowledge of the market and the technology landscape just doesn’t exist.”

Liberty Communications is the most recent firm in the UK announcing business expansion in the USA, following agencies such as Frank PR, Diffusion and John Doe.

Since it was launched in 1998, Liberty’s client portfolio includes a wide area of clients from start-ups to major global brands.

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