LineVision Inc. Seeks Ongoing Public Relations Support

LineVision Inc.
LineVision Inc.

LineVision is seeking a public relations firm to help achieve the following Key Objectives: 

1. Expand Awareness and Understanding of our Brand and Technology 

2. Establish LineVision as the industry thought leader  

3. Increase the frequency of engagement with our target audiences 


LineVision is a rapidly growing cleantech company that develops advanced sensors and analytics to monitor,  optimize, and protect the world’s vital energy delivery infrastructure. Our unique technology empowers electric utilities  and pipeline operators with information and tools to transform static transmission infrastructure into dynamic,  optimized assets to reduce risks and plan for the future.    Through our non-contact monitoring sensors and sophisticated cloud-based analytics, we open the door for new,  actionable insights into the real-time status and long-term health of energy delivery assets. With LineVision, our  customers can monitor assets on a continuous basis to gain real-time situational awareness, detect anomalies to  take immediate action, and optimize delivery assets to extend lifespan and plan for the future. Applications include  reducing wildfire risk, unlocking additional capacity on existing lines for greater renewables integration, assessing the  condition of aging overhead lines, and improving the accuracy of pipeline corrosion mitigation projects.    Our solutions have been commercially deployed with an installed base footprint including North America, Europe,  Asia, and Oceania. However wide-scale industry adoption has yet to occur. We are a rapidly growing, venture-funded,  two-year old company headquartered at Greentown Labs in Somerville, MA with an additional office in New Albany, IN,  and several remote employees. 

Scope of Work:

LineVision’s Target Audience  Electric utility and midstream pipeline companies in the U.S. and internationally. Stakeholders within these  organizations include: 

● Senior electric utility operations and planning personnel 

● Senior corrosion mitigation and pipeline integrity engineers 

● Executives responsible for new technology introduction  

● Secondary targets include consultants, regulators, policymakers, investors and industry experts/influencers   

PR Firm Eligibility Requirements: 

● Previous work with key relevant media players and outlets in the United States 

● Excellent understanding of the electricity sector and/or midstream pipeline sector 

● Preference will be given to firms with international and cleantech experience   

Responses Must Include: 

● Your firm’s approach and proposed Scope of Work to accomplish the Key Objectives listed above 

● Proposed Scope of Work should include the following items. Please comment on your firm’s abilities and  experience relative to this list as well as any additional recommended strategies & actions that you feel will  help us achieve our goals. Pitch and place bylined articles in industry publications in the U.S. and internationally (T&D trade, utility  trade, broad media).  

▪ Conduct daily media listening to relevant topics we can comment on as experts 

▪ Pitch and secure stories about LineVision and our efforts to transform the market 

▪ Provide press-release drafting, guidance and effective distribution for important LineVision milestones 

▪ Secure engagements and speaking opportunities at industry thought leadership events including IEEE,  CIGRE, T&D World, Utility Dive, NACE, etc.  

▪ Identify relevant industry awards and manage application submissions 

● Proposed budget including allocated workhours per month and applicable hourly rates. 

● Description of the team members who will be assigned to LineVision’s account. 

● Provide specific examples of relevant experience. References may be requested after initial proposal review. 

 LineVision Support, Resources & Other Notes 

● We’ve recently completed a foundational marketing exercise and have target audience personas, company  messaging, brand visual guidelines, and established marketing priorities for the next year. 

● As part of an onboarding workshop, and as needed, LineVision will participate in sessions to educate the  selected firm on our target audiences, messaging, product offerings, and value propositions to our  customers.  

● LineVision will designate a single point of contact to manage the ongoing relationship and on a continuing  basis, will provide resources to meet the demand for bylines and media engagement. 

● We have had past relationships with PR firms, and are seeking a firm that can provide us consistent,  individualized attention and a team that has specific experience and connections in our sector.   


We expect to operate under a monthly retainer unless the respondent chooses to recommend otherwise. We expect to spend in the range of $8,000/month with a 12-month initial contract. Please provide a framework for identifying a  budget or your best recommendation to meet our objectives given our size and ambitions.   

Proposals are due by May 14.


Agencies worth considering for this assignment include Magrino PR and Small Girls PR.

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