Top 5 Law & Litigation PR Firms

The never-ending chaos that accompanies litigation processes means that it is wise to have a consulting professional PR firm to help communicate appropriate messages. Whilst effective communication and engagement is vital, not all PR firms are cut for the highly-sensitive and potentially-life changing law and litigation space. Thus, identifying firms that have cut their teeth in the legal space is vital. Below is a spotlight on five leading PR firms in the legal space and underscoring what makes them tick.

Top 5 PR Firms in the Legal Space

Montieth & Company LLC

Founded in 2007 by Montieth M. Illingworth, Montieth & Company LLC has created a corporate culture that builds upon values of excellence, diversity, inclusion, and collaboration, which have inspired the award-winning firm’s growth.

Within the litigation communication space, the Illingworth-led firm employs outstanding strategies and tactical PR support for defenses and claims in different civil and criminal matters. With their research-driven strategic architectures, while leveraging domain expertise and deep media connections, the Platinum PR Awards Finalist has achieved some meaningful results. Worth noting, Montieth & Company LLC’s work on the Panama Papers and the recovery of Nazi-looted art enabled the client to receive positive coverage in top publications like The Economist, The Guardian, Le Monde, The Wall Street Journal, and Suddeutsche Zeitung.

They are experienced in discrimination and EEOC, bribery and corruption, cyber crime, investment fund dissolutions, bankruptcies, receiverships, looted art, and many more.

5W Public Relations – Legal PR Firms

5W Public Relations

Headed by Ronn Torossian, New York City-based 5W Public Relations is a full-service PR agency partnering with established and emerging brands, high-profile personalities, global courses, among others. Specializing in extremely tense and emotional issues, the New York City-based 5WPR tempers its speed by analyzing each scenario before taking a strategic move.

Helping clients monitor their legislative and regulatory environments and manage their reputation, the litigation PR firm has sharpened its approach in identifying impactful issues and legislative battles that have significant impacts on clients’ businesses. Working with stakeholders like elected leaders, industry experts, academic voices, and news media professionals, the PR agency creates and nurtures influential relationships that play a part in championing a client’s cause.

This agency has done perhaps more work in all aspects of law and litigation than any other firm.

Jaffe PR

The constantly-evolving news industry demands industries to keep up with ways in which the public accesses and consumes information. Jaffe PR assists Law firms adapt and evolve in the highly-dynamic news industry. Currently owned by Melinda Wheeler, Terry M. Isner, and Vivian Hood, the agency works with brands and professionals in the legal profession, helping them grow their brands and improve their bottom lines through creative and strategic PR.

A notable achievement among the firms’ numerous accomplishments involved helping a client get ranked in the Chambers USA Guide after their first-ever submission and remain listed since the initial nomination. The PR agency’s efforts also helped uncover talent, and expertise that could be leveraged to support the firm’s communication and marketing initiatives.

Infinite Global: A Thriving Strong PR Agency

Infinite Global

Established in 2014, following the merger between Spada (UK) and Infinite PR (US), the agency specializes in branding, PR, and content services. With offices in New York, London, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and North Carolina, Infinite global offers expert crisis management in several spaces, among them litigation.

Headed by the award-winning legal consultant, Jamie Diaferia, the organization advises individuals and organizations that provide counsel and support to protect reputations and reduce risks in a variety of sectors. The agency has been feted with The National Law Journal’s “Best PR Firm” honors, six years in a row.

Levick Communications & Levick PR

Levick & Company

Headed by much-sought-after television news contributor and PR expert, Richard S. Levick, the PR agency majors in providing clients with communication strategies that client’ lobbyists and lawyers need to achieve set objectives. Thanks to the agency’s knowledge and connections in Washington, the firm provides intelligence that informs business strategies, nurtures strategic relationships, thus improving outcomes of behind-the-scenes negotiations.

Following America’s biggest data security breach, Heartland Payment Systems’ crisis seemed insurmountable. However, working with Levick & Company, Heartland–America’s largest processor of debit and credit card payments– managed to contact its clients, who were close to 155,000 within the first four days after the breach. At the same time, the client managed to fast-track the development of encryption technology that the world avert future bleaches. The company’s approach has been applauded by the media and industry analysts as an exceptional model to date.

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