Longwood University Issues Marketing RFP

Longwood University Issues Marketing RFP

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals from agencies to continue a comprehensive, integrated marketing plan that is linked to the overall vision, mission and strategic plan of Longwood University.


In 2012-13, Longwood University contracted with an outside public relations consulting firm to develop a comprehensive, integrated marketing plan in regard to our marketing and communications efforts, imaging, branding and perceptions of the University from various constituents. The integrated marketing plan implemented over the past years has been very successful. After hosting the 2016 U.S. Vice Presidential Debate, Longwood’s regional and national recognition has been on the rise. Longwood University plans to continue and enhance the plan with new and innovative initiatives to maintain the marketing momentum of recent years.

Scope of Work:

The continuation of Longwood’s integrated marketing plan will direct primary marketing efforts for the University. The plan must provide itemized specific recommendations/initiatives designed to achieve the objectives and the deliverables contained in the RFP. The plan should not rely solely on traditional advertising and media relations and should include nontraditional, innovative, cost-effective initiatives that make use of the full range of communications and promotional tools available today.

  2. A plan containing itemized specific recommendations/initiatives designed to achieve the objectives and deliverables contained in the RFP.
  3. An itemized determination of an annual budget (in addition to the monthly retainer referenced on page 10) for the specific recommendations/initiatives in the plan.
  4. A determination if new research is needed for new initiatives and, if so, a plan and timeline for same.
  6. Offeror must have a deep understanding of the Virginia market – particularly in the Northern Virginia, Richmond and the Tidewater area, especially, but not limited to, media outlets and student recruitment.
  7. Offeror should be ambitious, forward thinking and demonstrate a passion for developing close relationships with clients.
  8. Offeror must have in-house creative capability to develop and execute a plan that includes specific recommendations/initiatives to achieve the objectives and deliverables contained in the RFP.
  9. Offeror must demonstrate their adaptability and willingness to partner with other firms, if the need arises.
  11. Develop an integrated marketing strategy that is aligned with strategic mission and ensures that tactics are on brand and on budget.
  12. Advertising strategy from conception, procurement, design, and all the way to evaluation
  13. Creative and effective copywriting and graphic design for editorials (magazine content, press releases, print collateral, etc.), ads, and social media

iii. Social media strategy that presents new ideas and audience optimization

  1. Web development and design
  2. Assistance in internal communications and employee engagement
  3. Creation of digital content including but not limited to video, motion graphics and animation

vii. Search engine optimization

  1. Create and utilize a regular data analysis plan to influence project decisions. Use data to facilitate an annual presentation to stakeholders recapping marketing efforts.
  2. Taking into consideration the defined target audiences, detail an individual plan for achieving each of the stated goals and objectives, though Longwood University realizes that some strategies/initiatives could work toward the achievement of more than one goal or objective. The means of achieving the goals and objectives is largely up to the Offeror.
  • Prospective students: College-bound 15-17-year-olds in
    • Northern Virginia (Priority 1)
    • Tidewater (Priority 2)
    • Greater Richmond (Priority 3)
    • Specific areas in Maryland to be determined (Priority 1 for out of state)
  • Parents of prospective students: 40-60-year-olds in
  • Northern Virginia (Priority 1)
  • Tidewater (Priority 2)
  • Greater Richmond (Priority 3)
  • Specific areas in Maryland to be determined (Priority 1 for out of state)
  1. GOALS
  • Increase applications by 10% (class entering Fall 2017: 6,615)
  • Increase 2018 Summer/Fall visits by 10% and 2019 Spring visits by 5%
  • Increase freshman class entering in Fall 2019 by 5% Among these students:
  • Increase business, math and computer science majors
  • Increase enrollment of males
  • Increase student diversity
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Increase Brand Comprehension
  • More members of target audiences associate key messages with Longwood
  • Academic reputation
  • High-quality social life/surroundings/extracurricular opportunities
  • Exceptional internships and hands-on learning opportunities
  • Small classes and personal attention
  • Improve Brand Attitude

More members of target audiences have positive perceptions of Longwood

  • Recruit Brand Ambassadors
  • Educate internal audiences (faculty, staff, current students, alumni) about Longwood’s brand platform
  • Enlist support of these internal audiences in the dissemination of messages growing out of brand platform
  • Activate these internal audiences as brand ambassadors

Due Date:

May 8th, 2018






Agencies with strong education experience include Ruder Finn and Finn Partners.

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