Lovell Communications: Strategic PR and Marketing


Founded in 1988, with headquarters in Nashville, TN, Lovell Communications is an award-winning strategic public relations, crisis communications, and marketing firm that’s been providing its solutions to healthcare providers and companies around the country for over 30 years.

The firm provides its vast communications expertise to publicly traded companies, early-stage or mature companies, and not-for-profit systems, looking for support through phases when it’s essential to either persuade audiences or influence important decision-makers. That’s why this is a firm with a team that’s been recognized for many different local, regional and national awards.

The firm provides clients with marketing and branding services useful for promoting brands, improving sales, enhancing awareness, and assisting clients in achieving their business goals. Lovell Communications starts this process for clients through research and competitive analysis to get a complete and detailed understanding of its opportunities and goals.

The creative teams can then transform all of that research and company messaging into compelling and strong assets that can support the brand, differentiate the client’s products or services, and communicate its value proposition. To get the best possible results from this service, the firm also works closely with its clients to determine the most appropriate metrics to quantify a campaign’s success.

Lovell Communications also provides its clients with social and digital services to help them develop, expand, or maximize their online social and mobile media marketing assets, used as part of a larger marketing strategy. The firm has a holistic approach that integrates these digital strategies with other marketing efforts to optimize both the offline and the online impact of a campaign and ensure that all the communications are a part of an informed and thoughtful communications plan that fits the brand’s messaging, instead of following the latest trends.

For clients looking to improve communications, the firm also offers internal, transaction, and change communications services, an essential part of any organization’s communications strategy. It’s especially important during a crisis or an organizational change. With this service, companies can get an internal communications program to motivate and educate their employees and key stakeholders about any important issues.

With the crisis and reputation services from Lovell Communications, brands and corporations can have an easier time managing and navigating critical events and crises stemming from any sorts of issues, ranging from private conflicts to international disclosures of lawsuits.

Finally, the firm also provides public relations services, with a team of persuasive and effective writers that have strong relationships with national and regional media channels in trade, business, and the mainstream. The team can identify great story angles, recognize what the public will find interesting, and then pitch it into a well-developed story.

The firm was founded by Paula Lovell, who has worked as a print and electronic journalist, writing and producing for various media outlets, and working as a chair of different boards in finance. Because of that, many companies have turned to Lovell Communications and its services in terms of strategic communications, such as AccuReg, Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center, Activate Healthcare, Baton Rouge General, TeamHealth, Ardent Health Services, among many others.

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