Lower Appomattox River Needs Branding Assistance

Lower Appomattox River

The Friends of the Lower Appomattox River (FOLAR) in Virginia is seeking a branding and marketing agency for a Brand Identity campaign. The Lower Appomattox River is a major tributary of the James River and an important regional asset that is unique and irreplaceable. The lower portion of the river meanders 23 miles eastward through six municipalities: beginning at the Brasfield Dam in Chesterfield County, it flows through Dinwiddie, and Prince George Counties, and the Cities of Colonial Heights and Petersburg, and converges with the James River at historic City Point in the City of Hopewell (Corridor Municipalities).

The goal of the campaign is to establish a contiguous multiple-use trail along the entire length of the Lower Appomattox River corridor and at the same time develop a unifying brand identity and a wayfaring/interpretive signage plan to enhance the trail experience, reduce barriers to trail engagement, increase learning opportunities, and facilitate mapping and tourism communications.

The objectives of the campaign is:

  • To create a unifying brand identity and sense of place that takes into account natural surroundings, history, culture, and communities and enhances the user experience
  • To create a logo and brand guidelines
  • To create a consistent signage and wayfinding system across a range of signage mediums
  • To create a signage and wayfinding system that directs visitors to landmarks, facilities, activity centers, and services
  • To promote the region’s identity as a premier recreational destination
  • To establish a plan for ongoing maintenance for the system

Strong PR firms in Virginia include French West Vaughan.

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