Marketing RFP Issued By GREEN Charter Schools



ISSUE DATE: June 9th , 2022


PROPOSAL DUE DATE AND TIME: June 21st , 2022 12:00 pm EST

PROPOSAL OPENING DATE AND TIME: June 14th , 2022 12:00pm EST


GENERAL INFORMATION: GREEN Charter Schools in South Carolina is soliciting Proposals from

qualified, interested bidders, for the items listed within this RFP document. GREEN is a tuition-free charter

school serving grades K-12. GREEN has six campuses located across the state of South Carolina. The

school is privately controlled and managed by their own Governing Board.

GREEN Charter Schools are the only schools in the Southeast specializing in Engineering & Energy

Education, teaching students to think critically and problem solve about America’s complex energy and

technology challenges. The schools use a curriculum written by the National Energy Education

Development Project, whose sponsors and partners include major petroleum and utility companies like BP America, Citgo, Dominion Energy, and Duke Energy. This curriculum includes core subjects such as math and English but puts an emphasis on environmental science.

This document must be signed by an authorized company representative and returned along with the

proposal to indicate acceptance of all terms and conditions of the RFP.

Direct Contact: Haley Brunson, Executive Assistant –

PURPOSE: The purpose for this RFP is to obtain proposals for marketing support.

The bidders must demonstrate a minimum of five (5) years of experience in providing full-service

marketing, advertising, social media, public relations, digital and content creation, providing a minimum of two (2) references for whom similar work has been completed. Experience with GREEN Charter schools is a plus. Bidders must agree that all documents and assets created on behalf of GREEN will be owned by GREEN if bidder is awarded the project.

SCOPE OF WORK: The following are specifications related to this RFP:

1. Develop an integrated Marketing Communications Plan to help GREEN increase awareness and

boost enrollment. The plan should include but not be limited to the following:

• Paid Media recommendations

• Branded marketing materials including but not limited to:

• Ads

• Brochures

• Fliers

• Presentation decks

• Promotional materials

• Environmental signage

• Internal communications

• Product and apparel design

• Other assets (video, photography, email templates, web banners, etc.)

• Public relations strategy and specific tactics on an ongoing and as-needed basis to

promote the GREEN Charter Mission using compelling stories and spotlighting notable

achievements across the GREEN Charter ecosystem

• Recommendations for updating the school’s social media platforms; provide social media

playbook, content plan and social media management tool for scheduling and custom

client dashboard for asset review and reporting

• Support for the GREEN team with web updates in Craft CMS as needed, including

search engine optimization

2. Provide on-going marketing support services to execute the recommendations outlined in the

Marketing Communications Plan

3. Provide reporting tools for Board reports

4. Develop an intranet system integrated with external site CMS; must be proficient in Craft CMS and

Craft Commerce to be used by employees for secure communication within the GREEN Charter


5. Make recommendations for Voice of Parent or research design strategies for monitoring the

satisfaction of the parents of GREEN schools

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