Marketing RFP Issued By San Jacinto Community College District

San Jacinto Community College District (SJCCD or College) is seeking qualified firms to provide marketing research services.


Five years ago, San Jacinto College purchased 57 acres of land in Generation Park, located in the Northern most part of the College district, for the purpose of building a new campus to serve that community. The College conducted external demographic research to understand what the higher education needs were for that area. The findings indicated that an institution that offered core classes that transferred to four-year institutions was needed, and in August 2020 the new San Jacinto College Generation Park Campus opened. More than 2,000 students enrolled at the new campus, even though all classes are being conducted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The San Jacinto College Generation Park campus serves roughly four zip codes in the Northeast part of Houston – 77044, 77049, 77396, and 77532. For approximately one year leading up to the campus opening, the College marketed heavily to those zip codes to promote the new campus and encourage enrollment. However, when analyzing enrollment data and trends, approximately 600 students (of the 2,000 enrolled) are actually new students to the College.

The College seeks to collect and synthesize data regarding the attitudes and opinions of the District, and why students chose to or not to attend San Jacinto College. The District is seeking a market research vendor to conduct research that will provide insight and data that can then be used for a targeted integrated marketing plan that will lead to enrollment growth from the four identified zip codes at the San Jacinto College Generation Park Campus. The new data will help guide the District as it progresses forward in its brand, advertising, marketing and recruitment strategies and tactics. This data will inform the messages and play a crucial role in telling the San Jacinto College story

Scope of Work:

SJCCD prefers to hire a firm that has demonstrated connections and expertise working in the Houston Designated Market Area (DMA). Marketing research services shall include, but is not limited to:

a. Design and implement a survey with residents that reside within the four zip codes that serve the San Jacinto College Generation Park Campus, as well as students currently enrolled at the campus, to determine their attitudes and opinions regarding the College. See Exhibit A – Service Area Map with Zip Codes.

b. Develop survey questions. 

c. Secure all necessary contact lists (email and phone) of those who will participate in the survey.

d. Gather opinions via telephone calls and email. 

e. Compile and analyze all research data and provide an executive summary and detailed report of findings.

f. Vendor must have an office located in the greater Houston metropolitan area or can demonstrate knowledge of marketing research performed in the Houston DMA.

3. Delivery of Services 

a. Services shall begin no later than November 1, 2020, or as agreed upon by the vendor and the SJCCD contact person.

b. Research services shall be completed in four weeks or as agreed upon by the vendor and the SJCCD contact person.

c. Awarded vendor shall coordinate delivery of all services with the SJCCD contact person.

4. Contact Person Vendor shall appoint a representative who will be the single point of contact for all College services.

5. Reporting Vendor shall provide a report following the completion of the market research that both summarizes and details the findings of the research so that San Jacinto College can make informed decisions on how to best market and advertise the new Campus to potential students and the community.

An Evaluation Committee will review all proposals according to the criteria stated herein. The committee’s evaluations will be based on all available information, including qualification statements, subsequent interviews/presentations, reports, discussions, reference checks, and other appropriate review.

Due Date:

October 7, 2020


San Jacinto College District Administration West Building 4620 Fairmont Parkway, A2.208 Pasadena, Texas 77504

Relevant agencies include Magrino PR and MWWPR.

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