The intention of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to obtain the services of a responsive and responsible firm/agency to provide SUNY Orange/Orange County Community College/The College with contracted marketing and communications services, with predominate focus on supporting the College’s external student recruitment and enrollment efforts.


Orange County Community College was the first two-year college in the nation to offer the associate degree nursing program and studies in electron microscopy; and in 1982, the College was the first community college to plan and co-sponsor a business institute with local chambers of commerce. SUNY Orange continues to grow in response to the needs of its students, offering campuses in both Middletown and Newburgh to help students achieve their academic goals. From its original configuration of two buildings—a mansion and carriage house—in 1950, the SUNY Orange Middletown campus has grown to its present size of 37 acres that houses 14 buildings. Expansion over the years has infused the campus with significant additional educational space.

The Middletown campus now boasts more than 60 general classrooms and lecture halls, along with a wide array of medical, technical and instructional laboratories. Dedicated laboratory space exists for programs in the health professions, as well as biology, chemistry, physics, architecture, criminal justice, cyber security and visual communications. Certified as a branch campus by both the State University of New York and the New York State Education Department, the Newburgh campus offers selected academic degree programs in their entirety, enabling students in those programs to complete all of their degree requirements at the Newburgh site without having to commute to the Middletown campus. The full degree programs available in Newburgh include business management, criminal justice, criminal justice-police, human services, individual studies, liberal arts (humanities and social science) and nursing. In addition to its credit courses and programs, the Newburgh campus provides a variety of non-credit courses, certificate programs and personal enrichment classes, as well as a number of grant-funded employment and training initiatives and a program in ESL, all under the direction of the College’s Continuing and Professional Education Department (CAPE)

Scope of Work:

Marketing Planning: The Agency will work with the College to develop an annual marketing plan to predominately support the College’s external student recruitment and enrollment efforts. To inform the plan, the Agency should be prepared to evaluate current and historical College student data, College academic and student services priorities, recent marketing initiatives, and relevant College messaging. The plan will blend traditional (print, radio, TV) and paid digital advertising with direct mail, organic social media and other methods in order to meet SUNY Orange’s needs and budget. The plan will include analysis and supporting information for each recommended strategy, tactic and budget. 2.2 Management and Implementation of Digital Marketing Strategies: The Agency will execute the implementation and placement of all paid digital marketing initiatives. It will also assist in the utilization of organic social media for existing and developing platforms. The Agency will ensure messaging, scheduling and strategy is in line with the annual marketing plan. The Agency will be expected to work with the College’s existing marketing/media partners as feasible, but may be asked to secure price quotes and placement schedules for other traditional and digital marketing vendors when needed. 2.3 Traditional Marketing Media Vendor Management: The Agency will represent SUNY Orange in all negotiations with traditional advertising media vendors. This includes, but is not limited to, television, radio, print and selected online advertising outlets. The Agency is responsible for placement, scheduling and budget implementation.

The Agency will also work with the College on production of marketing materials such as TV and radio commercials and digital assets (see item 2.4). The Agency will secure price quotes, develop purchase requisition information, and collect and process invoices as agreed upon by the College. 2.4 Video Acquisition and Production Management: The Agency will manage the development and acquisition of video content as assigned by SUNY Orange. Video will be acquired predominately for, but not entirely limited to, commercials for television and online outlets. In addition, the Agency will be responsible for implementing a strategy to grow SUNY Orange’s “b-roll” library. There may be production projects for social media platforms as well. The Agency may work with a freelance videographer for both video acquisition and post-production, but must ensure all content is owned by SUNY Orange. 2.5 Photography: The Agency will work with the College to facilitate professional freelance photography support for publications, digital and traditional marketing, social media campaigns and other projects. The Agency must ensure all content is owned by SUNY Orange. 2.6 Creative Design and Production: The Agency will assist the College with graphic design and layout on selected publications and projects. Deliverables may include, but are not limited to, print advertisements, social media graphics, infographics, flyers, direct mail pieces, postcards and brochures. The Agency will ensure that all deliverables align with SUNY Orange’s established brand standards. 

Due Date: Oct. 29, 2021


All proposals must be sent to the following address: Orange County Community College Purchasing Department OH 220 22 Grandview Avenue Receiving Horton Hall Middletown NY 10940

Rubenstein PR and Rubenstein Communications are agencies worth considering for this assignment.

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