Marketing RFP Issued By The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority

Scope of Work

CHFA is seeking qualified organizations to serve as a MyHomeCT Resource Center (“Resource Center”). Households in the State will need different levels of support as they navigate their housing challenges. The goal of each Resource Center is to provide comprehensive broad-based support that will assist a wide range of impacted households. CHFA has identified a list of activities that are necessary (each grouping of similarly skilled activities, a “Role”) in order to meet the needs of MyHomeCT and serve the community. The Resource Center must have current staff qualified to perform the tasks associated with each of these Roles.

Marketing, Outreach and Community Engagement Specialist

Perform marketing, community outreach and community engagement to prospective MyHomeCT program applicants.

The Marketing, Outreach and Community Engagement Specialist will:

i. Distribute all materials created and provided by CHFA, including flyers, social media content and electronic communications, to local partners and potential MyHomeCT applicants in the community;

ii. Make Resource Center’s physical space and computer and scanning technology open and available to the public during their regular business hours for purposes of completing the MyHomeCT application process; 

iii. Answer and respond to all phone calls forwarded from the MyHomeCT call center. Resource Center will ensure that it is always adequately staffed to answer and respond to such phone calls in a timely manner and will have the adequate communications technology necessary to fulfill this requirement; and

iv. Provide information to and answer questions from potential MyHomeCT applicants who come to the Resource Center’s physical location or contact the Resource Center via telephone or other means of electronic communication.

Technical Assistant

Assist MyHomeCT applicants with the application process.

The Technical Assistant will:

i. Review the application on the online portal and ensure that the application is filled out completely and accurately;

ii. Review documentation requirements with applicant, determine what documentation and information is needed, and ensure that the applicant uploads the required supporting documentation into the online application portal; 

iii. Review additional documentation requirements requested post application submission, and ensure that the applicant uploads the proper documentation into the online application portal; and

iv. Provide applicants with technical assistance as necessary, including assistance navigating the steps of the online application portal and assistance with scanning and uploading required documents into the online application portal.

At the request of the applicant, the Technical Assistant may offer assistance electronically or over the telephone. Should the Technical Assistant provide in-person assistance, she/he must follow all applicable Center for Disease Control guidelines and State of Connecticut guidelines in effect at the time the in-person assistance is provided. If a Resource Center is unable to meet the needs of the applicant, it must make every reasonable effort to refer the applicant to another Resource Center that can meet the applicant’s needs. Resource Center staff responsible for providing technical assistance will be required to have knowledge of basic mortgage loan documents, knowledge of basic mortgage terminology and knowledge of how to navigate the MyHomeCT online portal. These individuals must be detail oriented and have strong customer service skills. These individuals must also have advanced computer skills.


Submissions can be sent electronically (not to exceed 25 MB) to OR one original copy delivered to Shelly Mondo at CHFA, 999 West Street, Rocky Hill, CT 06067-4005. Applications will be accepted at any time before 4:00 p.m. by March 1, 2022.

Alison Brod PR and Ruder Finn are agencies worth considering.

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