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The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to provide interested proposers with the information

needed to prepare and submit a Proposal for the following: 

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) seeks a highly capable marketing agency

partners to develop and deliver a powerful integrated marketing program to promote Wisconsin as a premier location for business, personal and professional fulfillment. We specifically seek agency support in the following areas:

 Brand strategy

 Creative services (at a minimum including print, digital/online, video, out of home, direct

marketing, email marketing, marketing collateral, and website)

 Market research and insights

 Marketing planning and execution

 Advertising and media

 Digital marketing services

 Social media strategy, development and execution

As a result of this RFP, we expect identify an agency partner that is capable of working in collaboration to

fulfill our integrated marketing needs.


The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is a public body corporate and politic governed by Chapter 238 of the Wisconsin Statutes. WEDC was created under 2011 Wisconsin Act 7 and 2011 Wisconsin Act 32 to replace the economic and community development operations of the former Wisconsin Department of Commerce and to serve as the State of Wisconsin’s lead economic development organization. Page 3 of 7 WEDC provides grants, loans, loan guarantees, tax credits and other financial and technical assistance to its customers. Additional information about WEDC can be found on our website or in the Wisconsin Statutes Ch. 238. WEDC’s expected marketing budget for fiscal year 2022 is $5.3 million. The agency selected will be required to provide a high level of quality services that are normally associated with the handling of an account of this size and scope. It is the expectation that there will be frequent contact between WEDC and the selected agency.

Scope of Work:

. Mandatory Requirements 

i. Strategic and creative—Provide examples of work similar in scope to WEDC’s needs,

including work designed to drive action toward highly considered business decisions,

from awareness to engagement to ultimate product/service selection. Include

information relating to brand strategy, market research and insights, and marketing

planning and execution, and demonstrate how strategy drove creative. Highlight any

work you’ve done for government departments, trade associations and/or economic

development authorities, including dates of service. 

ii. Integrated marketing—Detail the makeup of the agency’s integrated marketing

capabilities. Include case studies that demonstrate your integrated marketing

capabilities. List major projects completed and provide information on noteworthy

strategy-driven innovation you’ve implemented to help clients achieve their marketing


iii. Media Planning/Purchasing—Detail your media planning and purchasing capabilities,

including traditional and digital media. 

b. Additional requirements 

i. International Capabilities—Detail experience you have supporting international

marketing efforts including tradeshows and conferences; paid and social media; and

media relations. Include information on international offices or partners you use to

support such efforts. 

ii. References—Please provide the names, titles and contact information for three client

references who can attest to your agency’s customer service, strategic approach and

creative execution strengths. 

c. Organizational and Staff Capabilities 

i. Provide a brief description of the agency’s history and organization.Page 4 of 7

ii. Provide a list of all staff persons who will be involved in carrying out the tasks covered

by this RFP, describing each in terms of their involvement in specific tasks and


Due Date: July 29, 2021


Scott Champion

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation 

201 West Washington Avenue, 6th Floor 

Madison, WI 53703

Relevant agencies to consider include Edelman PR and Berlin Rosen.

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