Social Media Management RFP Issued

Andhra Pradesh State FiberNet Limited (APSFL) has issued an RFP for Social Media Management . 

Scope of Work:

  • The selected bidder should create and maintain Social Media accounts on existing and new platforms as per the directions of Department of Real Time Governance (DRTG), Govt. of AP.
  • Create engaging content that best suits various social media platforms and publish timely updates in the form of relevant text, photos, audio/video, interactive content, interviews, news, online surveys, quizzes, contests and others in Telugu, Hindi and English languages in consultation with Department of Real Time Governance.
  • Plan and conduct interactive events such as Twitter Conferences, Facebook Q&A, Google Hangouts, etc. on regular basis
  • Cover various live events especially addressed by Ministers/Secretaries on Twitter and Facebook as directed by Department of Real Time Governance (DRTG).
  • Recommend Case Studies and Best Practices on use of social media by various Local, State, National and International Governments
  • Monitor all social media accounts for false, misleading, deceptive and irrelevant content and take appropriate actions in consultation with Department of Real Time Governance (DRTG).
  • Plan, design and execute innovative ways of improving the overall reach and effectiveness of Government communication in consultation with Department of Real Time Governance (DRTG).
  • Support the conceptualization & execution of any other ideas that might come from time to time as per the needs of Department of Real Time Governance (DRTG).
  • Provide daily, weekly and monthly reports by using appropriate tracking and reporting tools. Necessary reporting formats must be developed in consultation with Department of Real Time Governance (DRTG).

The onsite team /resources deployed for this project must report to Chief Minister’s office on daily basis and shall work closely with Department of Real Time Governance (DRTG), Govt. of AP. The district level coordinators shall be placed at district collector’s office and work as per the directions of onsite team.

Detailed scope is as mentioned below

Portal Development:

  • Database driven portal with CMS (Content Management System) and User Management to manage the requirement from Admin Interface by the multiple users. CMS with robust features and easy interface
  • Portal Integration with applications / portals of key stakeholders and must be accessible on all browsers/platforms. Should be compatible to Mobile, Tabs & i-Pad
  • Ability to link current interactive and social networking mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds, as well as flexibility to add these types of features
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to increase clicks and views on our webpages
  • Auto SMS/mail to the beneficiaries about various activities or launching of the schemes

The selected agency should conduct detailed analysis of the existing applications/interfaces. Design various templates for consideration and approval of the department. Develop modules based on the approved templates covering the following aspects


  • Info graphics
  • Quotes ( CM’s Quotes )
  • Blogs (related to Andhra Pradesh, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Cabinet, etc.)
  • Photo and video Gallery
  •  e-Books/ library


  • News
  • Events
  • Review Meeting & Updates about development
  • District News Related to MP & MLA
  • News Letters


  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Forms

Social Media Management

  • Maintenance of FB, Twitter, g+, YouTube (live channel), Instagram, WhatsApp, Flickr, LinkedIn, and other social media pages.
  • Digital marketing of the Government initiatives on various social media platforms
  • Agency to filter all the social media posts and facilitate quick response by stakeholders

o             Design content appropriately for social media updating

o             Social Media Integration should promote specified initiatives & brand AP

o             Daily updates on trending topics via catchy # tags and posts

o             Achieve quantifiable benchmark levels w.r.t customer experience

o             Follow international leaders / personalities and connect them to state specific initiatives agenda to have a global impact

o             Conduct social media analytics to gain valuable insights on customer engagement

o             Submit periodic reports on social media performance

o             Other aspects to be addressed via social media integration

o             Connect stakeholders with opinions on national and international headlines

o             FB posts which can be lucrative for ongoing projects and initiatives

o             State’s progress on every genre of development should be promoted

o             Upload only approved data on YouTube

o             Instagram ads should be with graphic content showcasing key developments

o             LinkedIn connections to spread work force advertisements

o             Discussion forums to acquire views and information from different users

o             Polls to analyze public opinion

Media Analytics & Sentimental Analysis

o             Consolidate various mentions of the Govt /Officials on various print & electronic media, analyze filtered content and provide daily analytics report highlighting key issues relevant

o             Sentimental analysis of social media, web and print media to gauge public opinion on key issues

o             Seek public opinion via website and apps through polls/surveys/forms as applicable

Tools for Social Media Management

Successful bidder shall deploy industry best tools in the following categories

o             Social Media Analytics viz., Keyhole, Social Bakers, Sprinklr, Brandwatch, Hootsuite, etc.

o             Portal/Blog/App Analytics viz., HubSpot, Mixpanel, CleverTap, DataHero, etc.

o             To send bulk/transactional emails viz., SendGrid, Mailchimp, Benchmark Email, Mailgun

o             To send bulk/transactional sms viz., MSG91, SMSCountry, TextLocal, Exotel, etc.


Due Date:

September 8, 2017



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