Marketing tips for personal stylists

2022-02-15 by EPR Staff

Whether a personal stylist seeks to attract new customers or build their existing client base, there are myriad options to reach out to potential clients. For people who prefer to shop from their couch, personal stylists are a big help. A stylist should be as creative with their marketing strategies as they try to be with their styling. Given below are some marketing strategies that a stylist can implement in order to make an impact when it comes to improving their business performance.

Website – Everyone can benefit from taking ownership of the way they present themselves digitally to customers, and stylists are no exception. A professional website can play a crucial role in positioning a stylist as a qualified expert in their field, thereby leading to a widened reach. A well-designed website with a URL that is unique to the stylists is an asset. A website is the best way for stylists to publish interesting media content. For instance, Frank and Oak’s Style Plan exhibits eco-conscious efforts, and its clothing items make the brand stand out from others. Customers receive discounts. Their website is perfect for eco-conscious consumers in search of basics.

Email list – The benefits of building an email list are great. It’s the most important asset that a business can own. An email list can be used to send out new blog posts, make business announcements, and sell products and services. It is personal, direct, private, and an excellent way to build an engaging audience. Email lists also make it easy to follow up with potential customers, and is a fast track to scalability.

Blogs- An affiliated blog increases the visibility of a business. With more blog content, there will be more opportunities to show up in search engines. Blogs help businesses strengthen their SEO strategies. They also help businesses give customers valuable information for  free . Blogs thus help garner trust. The blog of a personal stylist should include valuable media content including video, audio, and articles. It should have tips on what to wear, and give advice on upcoming trends. There could be a series of blog posts leading up to the main holiday seasons, that discuss the latest must-have styles. Thoughts on a fashion event or a clothing store could also be shared.

Social media accounts – Personal styling is the future of fashion retail. Personal styling is not only about expensive clothes, it is more about people and their personal image. When a personal stylist wants to leverage this and connect, engage, and promote content, social media is where they should be. Stylists should  know the target audience and potential buyers in order to figure out where they are hanging out. Once the audience base is identified , social media platforms can be used in a variety of ways. Brand collaborations can be announced, and there could also be videos that could serve as styling guides for people. There could be interviews with related professionals, and also client stories.