Media Placement and Promotions For Valley Regional Transit (VRT)


The objective of placing paid public service announcements on TV and Radio is to increase awareness of public transportation and to promote the products, services, and events offered by VRT including, but not limited to: 

· The new electric bus fleet

· The new City Go Wallet and Umo Mobility app, which centralizes transportation fare purchase, trip planning, and parking services 

· City Go programs for employers

· VRT OnDemand service

· Valley Regional Transit’s digital community engagement platform

· New or changing routes and services

· Safe Routes to School

· Environmental benefits that contribute to a cleaner, healthier community

· Special events, like Treefort Music Fest, May in Motion, etc.


About Valley Regional Transit:

Valley Regional Transit (VRT) is the Treasure Valley’s regional public transportation authority, responsible for managing a variety of transportation solutions, including public bus transit, specialized van services, paratransit, Park & Ride, and more. We work with other organizations and government agencies to create accessible, affordable, and consistent options. Click here to learn more about VRT’s programs and services.

About Safe Routes to School:

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a program designed to encourage students to walk and bike to school to promote a healthy lifestyle, reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and enhance quality of life in our communities. Click here to learn more about Safe Routes to School.

About City Go:

City Go is a service of Valley Regional Transit. It was founded in 2018 as the Transportation Management Association (TMA) for downtown Boise. It is public and private partnerships that bring businesses, developers, property managers and owners, and government entities together to address local transportation issues and shape the future of mobility. Click here to learn more about City Go.

Scope of Work

Production, messaging, and creative considerations:

VRT will develop a calendar of topics and provide copy points on the topics with proposed on-air weeks through the end of its fiscal year. VRT’s broadcast partners will provide production of the spots or creative assets to fulfill the media buy or promotional elements unless otherwise provided. VRT will offer copy points for scripts, but the copywriting, pre- and post-production and voiceover talent, will be handled by the media partner within the cash budget offered. 

Budgeting and value parameters:

· Each respondent will submit a proposal that will not exceed $25,000 

· VRT reserves the right to choose more than one media partner

· Selection of media partners will be on an as-needed basis

· Selection as a media partner is not a guarantee of the full proposal

· In additional to cash, VRT can trade co-branded and sponsored transit advertising products of equal or greater value to offers from the selected broadcast partners to expand frequency and reach of the campaign o VRT can offer space value only. Any hard costs, like printing, installation, etc., will be as passthrough fees from VRT’s vendors 

Deliverables: Please submit on or before the published deadline

· Description of vendor and qualifications

· Identification of project manager

· Description of the broadcast and other communications channels relevant to the proposal 

· Description of the vendor’s approach to project management, design, implementation, data collection/reporting, and support throughout the term of the project

· Project implementation plan

· Project budget – Not to exceed $25,000 – including vendor’s product description/features and complete price list, applicable one-time set-up and on-going license fees 

· Proposed weekly airtime schedules reflecting both reach and frequency in our target demographic for the period of time commencing in February of 2022 and completed by September 30, 2022. 

o Airtime schedules that reach our target audiences

o Market cost per point goals o Delivery of verifiable value-added and promotional elements

o Thoughtful connections to the community via traffic and weather sponsorships or other transit-relevant content and programming

· A proposal outlining any promotional concepts or ideas you wish to explore upon selection, including potential trades of advertising value

· Samples of previous creative assets or in-house produced spots that aired within the last 12 months 

Email responses to:

Valley Regional Transit

Attention: Kevin Womack, Procurement / Contracts Specialist,

emailed to on or before

February 17

MWWPR and Edelman PR are agencies to consider.

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