SEO in 2022

20220103 CXP

Companies have been looking for various SEO strategies to use over the next few months. \The main goal of these companies is improving collaboration. According to a recent report, a number of companies are trying to build more effective collaboration between their SEO employees and others, as well as increasing SEO implementation. As organic marketing is a crucial element of any company’s digital promotional efforts, it doesn’t require a budget to get a company in front of potential consumers. Organic marketing efforts are earned, unlike most other forms of digital marketing efforts, and it’s all about providing value to the consumers and answering questions that the target audience has about issues they need to solve.

Organic Search

According to research, organic search efforts deliver over half of all of the website traffic that companies track. Most consumers also tend to click through on organic results at a higher rate compared to paid results, and relevant organic search results tend to influence nearly 40% of all purchases.

The pandemic emphasized how important it is for companies to provide a positive digital experience for their consumers.  When in-person events got removed from the equation, consumers started turning to the digital landscape to find answers to their questions. The pandemic also disrupted the workplace, which meant that many teams had to start working remotely, which resulted in a number of businesses scrambling to maintain their productivity levels. Despite all of those changes due to the pandemic, most companies are looking to invest more into their SEO efforts, and more specifically, in their organic search efforts.

Customer Journey

Since the start of the pandemic, the customer journey has increasingly begun and ended online, and companies are rightfully trying to capture a part of the billions of searches that happen every day. These days, consumers want to do their own research before making a purchase, and searching online gives them that opportunity. In fact, over half of consumers start their buying journey by researching online, which is why companies should be utilizing organic search efforts in their SEO strategies. That way, the businesses will be meeting the consumers’ needs by answering their questions and using SEO to turn every piece of content into a long-term investment that can generate more sales.

Growing Budgets

Since the pandemic first started, a large number of companies have started investing in organic marketing efforts, despite the ongoing economic uncertainty around the world. Many companies have realized that keyword stuffing isn’t an effective SEO strategy. Instead, websites can get penalized by search engines for keyword stuffing, making them rank significantly lower. Google requires businesses to understand their own content, which is why a number of companies have decided to invest in digital marketing and organic search efforts.

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