Lack of Budget is B2B Marketers’ Biggest Challenge

2013-01-02 by EPR Staff
Retail PR and Marketing Takes Flight in Today’s India

  Results depend highly on the amount of money invested when it comes to marketing campaigns. You cannot get the results of a USD 100,000 campaign with an USD 100 investment. Creativity plays an important role, but it is not everything and money is necessary. In fact, B2B marketers say that budget is their number one challenge, as a study by Demandbase and Ziff Davis shows. Search engine optimization/organic search is the primary online marketing tactic used by B2B marketers from the US with 63% of the mentions, followed by social media marketing (60%), inbound marketing/content creation/blogs (53%), search engine marketing/pay-per-click (41%),... Read More >

MSLGroup: Trends in Mobile American Food Culture

2012-12-26 by EPR Staff

As Americans become more connected through mobile devices, researchers predict our dining experiences will follow suit. MSLGROUP North America's food PR and marketing team follow trends and industry research, examining America's food industry "from farm to fork." They also explore social media influences on food and beverage choices. In an annual list of 10 top food predictions, industry experts on the Food & Beverage Specialty Team of MSLGROUP North America., the MSLGROUP suggest favorite foods will increasingly be made portable, portioned and personalized to mobile life in North America. Steve Bryant, Director, Food & Beverage, MSLGROUP North America explains: "Products... Read More >

Video PR: Slightly Video Platform Receives $5.6 Million Investment

2012-12-22 by EPR Staff
yossi maeser

Sightly has raised $5.6 million in venture capital, positioning the video company for rapid growth. Sightly’s local video platform helps businesses get found by consumers perusing video, mobile and social media. Moscow-based Bright Capital Digital led the investment round with new investors Foresight Ventures. Floodgate, Tomorrow Ventures, Bullpen Capital, Mack Capital and 500 Startups also contributed to this round of funding. Mike Maples of Floodgate explains the logic of the investment: “Local is exploding. Sightly not only has a compelling vision of where the market is heading for consumers and local businesses, but they have a breakthrough approach on how... Read More >

The Evolution of Online Advertising

2012-11-17 by EPR Staff

Before the computer age, advertisers relied heavily on print ads and television commercials to make consumers aware of products and services. With the birth of the internet, advertisers soon became aware that online ads were another lucrative way to get consumers’ attention. In the beginning, banner ads were the ad form of choice for most companies and website owners. Banner exchange programs quickly grew in popularity. These programs provided free advertising, as long as a website was willing to host other advertisers’ banners on their website, in exchange for their banner to show up on other sites across the web.... Read More >

All That’s News About Media Outreach: Muck Rack Tested

2012-11-11 by EPR Staff
Muck Rack

Media outreach, the double edged sword that slices PRs and journalists to shreds at times, any communicator out there can surely use good tools for helping out. While everybody knows about Peter Shankman's (now Vocus') HARO ingenuity, but have you heard of Muck Rack? If you Google; "How to reach out to journalists", the resultant SERP will be filled top to bottom with "experts" to advice you on tips for connecting with reporters. Most of these will speak of reporters on social media channels, and how to follow, soft soap, RT, and determinedly get your news reported! Uh hum. What HARO... Read More >

Invaluable Content Marketing Tips

2012-11-06 by EPR Staff
Content solutions

Over the last couple of years content marketing became all the rage in the advertising world because it’s a great way to reach a wide audience. Content marketing is also an effective way for businesses to establish their particular brand in cyberspace, as great content and link building helps boost search engine optimization. In fact, those businesses serious about successful advertising would do well to incorporate the use of online content into their marketing scheme. But while the advent of the Internet allowed for anyone to publish virtually anything they wanted to, splashing random content haphazardly across the World Wide... Read More >

What are the Top Categories on Pinterest?

2012-11-05 by EPR Staff
pinterest logo

With all the new social media networks or tools inviting brands to promote themselves, each promising spectacular results with little effort, it is getting harder and harder to choose the right communication channels with the best ROI for brands. Knowing which types of products perform better on which networks could help marketers, and those interested in joining or already present on image sharing network Pinterest should know that jewellery/luxury goods/accessories (22.8%), flowers/gifts/greetings (21.2%) and fragrances/cosmetics (20.1%) are top retail domains in terms of success on this channel. Food (19.7%), another retail branch, and ecards (19.0%) complete the top five of... Read More >

How to Explain SEO to C-Suite Executives

2012-10-29 by EPR Staff

Getting CEOs on board with search marketing can sometimes seem like an impossible task—but it doesn’t have to be. Although it’s true that most executives are used to looking at their brands in a certain light and therefore have a hard time understanding why search engines see them differently, you can help them grasp the power and importance of SEO. The key is in knowing how to explain it. Here’s how to show executives why search marketing matters—so they’ll be wiling to approve investments and your business can start reaping the benefits! Step 1: Search Engines Aren’t People When you... Read More >

Food Content is Heavily Searched and Shared Online

2012-09-11 by EPR Staff
Food Processing Company

Brands in the food and beverage field should really be present online, on social media sites, if they aren’t already, as such content is intensively searched and shared on the web. A study by MSLGroup and The Hartman shows that the leading source that influences US Internet users to purchase a new brand of food or beverage is the online recommendation from a friend, mentioned by 36% of the respondents. 30% would buy the same new brand if another friend than the close one would recommend it online, and other people would try the new product if connections from their... Read More >

Coke, Apple and Google Lead Social Media Conversations

2012-09-05 by EPR Staff

The social media conversations universe is dominated by big brands, famous all over the world. Coke, Apple and Google are on the top three places, followed by other important names, as a new monthly report that tracks the social media “conversations” related to the top 100 consumer brands shows. The report was made by PQ Media, the leading provider of global media econometrics and pioneer of emerging media research, and uberVU, a social media audience measurement firm. The first three brands are followed by Amazon, Samsung, Starbucks, Burger King, Sprite, Microsoft, and McDonald’s. The report doesn't mention whether these impressions... Read More >

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