Michael Cammarata: A Brilliant Entrepreneur

Michael Cammarata, co-founder, and CEO of Schmidt’s Naturals believes there’s not just one straight forward answer on what it takes to be a great entrepreneur. That principle is evident in his long, varied career as an innovative, bold entrepreneur. “It means being an expert, but also a lifetime student,” he told entrepreneur.com. “…[A]s an entrepreneur one must always approach new ventures with an open mind…it also means that risk-taking will become second nature.”

That risk-taking element is the defining characteristic of Michael Cammarata’s approach to entrepreneurship. In his youth, he struggled with dyslexia. The experience of being discouraged by teachers and not fitting in with his peers was difficult to overcome but also taught him that sometimes the best approach is an unconventional, non-traditional one. His ability to consistently think outside the box regarding investing and business has been one of the key factors to his success.

More Than Just Deodorant 

While most people likely associate Michael Cammarata with Schmidt’s Naturals’ hugely popular natural personal care products, he has always been willing to get his hands in multiple pots at once. Despite his earliest business venture, at just 13-years-old, hosting websites related to the video game StarCraft, Michael has never been content to stay boxed into one industry.

By the time Michael reached his mid-twenties, he’d built up millions in revenue in the online advertising industry. His passion for keeping abreast of trends and opportunities in various industries like biotechnology, electronics, and entertainment has given him a huge entrepreneurial edge. 

Michael Cammarata: Investment in Environmental Wellness

It’s not just his willingness to take risks that make Michael Cammarata a smart entrepreneur. He also recognizes the responsibility entrepreneurs and investors have to create a better world rather than just making a profit. Coming from a family where everyone helped to grow their own food, he has always been invested in the idea of a more sustainable world — and more sustainable products.

Not only does he have a personal passion for environmental wellness, but he recognizes that many consumers feel the same way. Millions of people are trying to figure out how they can live more sustainably in the face of environmental crisis. Michael Cammarata is eager to meet that need on a large scale. Through Unilever’s acquisition of Schmidt’s Naturals, simple plant-based products that are very affordable are more available to a greater population of people.

Socially Savvy 

Another factor in Michael Cammarata’s success as an entrepreneur is that he recognizes that consumers matter and that their feedback is essential. Michael knows that with savvy use of social media he can connect with people and populations to find out how to make better products. Michael knows the importance of finding opportunities to improve his business.

Michael Cammarata’s unique approach to business has been his greatest asset as an entrepreneur. He’s proof that not being afraid of risks or potential failure are some of the most valuable traits one can have in the ever-changing, often cutthroat world of entrepreneurship.

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