New York & New Jersey PR & Marketing Opportunities Available

New York Big Apple

Two opportunities which Everything-PR readers may be interested in:

Troy Cultural Alliance

The Troy Cultural Alliance (TCA), an association of Troy, New York’s cultural organizations, seeks a partner to design a marketing and communications plan to help promote Troy as a cultural destination.

In early 2014 a group of Troy’s cultural organizations joined together to strategize ways to promote and brand Troy as the creative hub for New York State’s Capital Region.  These organizations work to “promote Troy as a cultural destination, enable collaboration, and share information, and provide an effective voice that can speak to business, political, and community leaders about the economic benefits and services of cultural organizations to Troy and the Capital Region.”

They seek a partner committed to highlighting the region, and reach more.  Proposals are due by February 1, 2016 and should be submitted to

The Township of Neptune

And next, in New Jersey, The Township of Neptune is looking for a marketing consultant to provide services in the areas of marketing, media releases and public relations.

The scope of work is to Increase Brand Awareness and Increase Exposure to Customers and the Community. The team will act as Public Relations consultant, to develop press  releases  and  story  pitches, and general media relations, as well as to attract special events.

Proposals are due by January 30, 2016 to:

Township of Neptune

25 Neptune Boulevard

Neptune, NJ 07754

Attn:  Rick Cuttrell

The largest PR firms in New Jersey include Coyne PR & MWW PR Group.

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