Nicole Perna: Celebrity Publicist

Nicole Perna: Celebrity Publicist

Publicist Nicole Perna is no stranger to the tumultuous world of Hollywood public relations.

Perna has made it her personal mission to provide top-flight service to a growing roster of A-list clients, although amongst many she is considered controversial.

Perna has experienced the ups and downs of the industry. From conflicts with clients to launch a new brand more dedicated to allowing her to bloom creatively and, more importantly, reap the fruits of all her hard work without having to answer to anyone else.

Formerly a part of BWR PR, Perna has shown a great amount of skill in client development. This is often challenging with today’s ever-changing digital landscape, and Perna has proven time and time again to be skilled at navigating on the fly and being able to make adjustments to her strategy in order to best suit the growth of the clients she represents.

In 2016, Perna dealt with a high profile conflict with former client and singer Chris Brown. In a series of text messages released and reported on by TMZ, Brown unleashed some choice words while lamenting Perna’s alleged lack of results in procuring media placements and magazine covers for his clothing line.

Perna subsequently left her position working as a representative for Brown, and the following year she and colleague Melissa Raubvogel branched out on their own and launched Imprint PR.

The bi-coastal public relations agency was one of many such shifts in the industry that saw many independent representatives launching their own companies. This marked a move away from the big agency atmosphere that had become so popular in Hollywood and other large industries.

Some speculate that the recent uptick in independent, boutique agencies and sole operations indicates movement toward more gender equity within the industry, particularly in Hollywood. Public relations, which consists of a majority of women, is making a move towards smaller, more intimate service and a way for female entrepreneurs to enjoy the fruits of their labor independent from agencies that can be controlling and limiting.

Perna’s client list has included big names such as Jessica Chastain, Mila Kunis, and Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot. Her previous experience, along with that of Raubvogel’s, in talent development at BWR will lend itself well to the continued growth of Imprint PR. In addition, nearly two decades of experience working within the public relations industry from multiple angles will help create a long lasting and sustainable business model for her budding boutique agency.

Although she has had to weather conflict, controversy, and setbacks, these often serve as valuable lessons and a building tool for resilience within an industry that, if nothing else, requires thick skin and bravery. Nicole Perna has weathered the storm and will continue to do so as one of the most formidable professionals in her field.

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