The goal of the OCTA Bus Customer Security and Emergency Preparedness Program is to create a public awareness campaign to address security and emergency preparedness while riding OC Buses, as well as while at or around OC Bus stops and OC Bus transit centers. The campaign will utilize the creative concepts from the previous campaigns by updating them to meet the goals of this program, as well as to expand the creative concepts to create targeted messages around these programs. The awareness campaign will launch with a wide-spread awareness component spanning a six (6) to eight (8)-week cycle. Additional materials will be developed for future launches as well as on-going customer communications. The campaign will consist of English, Spanish and Vietnamese components to reach our customer base.

OCTA seeks a design firm for awareness campaigns about security and emergency preparedness to partner with to assist in the development and implementation of these programs and provide the following services to accomplish these goals on an as needed basis: 

▪ Marketing & Digital Marketing Campaign Development, Management and Optimization

▪ Email and social media marketing strategy development, implementation, and optimization

▪ Print and digital creative development, design/copywriting and production

▪ Web and video design and production

▪ Photography, collateral production, printing, distribution, and specialty printing


The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) was formed in June 1991 to address ongoing transportation needs in Orange County. The concept behind OCTA was to create one agency to develop and implement transportation programs designed to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. OCTA’s countywide bus system operates 59 routes, including local fixed route, community routes, intracounty express, intercounty express and Stationlink Metrolink rail feeder service. As part of managing bus transportation in Orange County, OCTA’s strategic goals include increase of security and awareness while riding the bus, enhance prevention and protection capabilities and provide customer preparedness awareness while riding OC Bus.

Scope of Work:

Consultant may perform various marketing activities in the areas listed below. Consultant shall provide sub-contractor information and references for any services listed below that will not be performed directly by the consultant.

▪ Marketing & Digital Marketing Campaign Development, Management and Optimization Each campaign shall include, but not be limited to, the following components to aid in driving traffic, building brand awareness, and increase ridership and sales: 

− Campaign goals development and effectiveness tracking 

− Identifying target audiences and providing insight to customer behavior

− Developing key campaign messaging and potential offers for campaign success

− Developing strategy for reaching and engaging target audiences

− Developing mixed media campaign consisting of traditional and online media

▪ Email and Social Media Marketing Strategy Development, Implementation and Optimization Research, develop and propose new and innovative digital marketing strategies and tactics through email and social media to help OCTA create awareness of security and emergency preparedness while riding OC Bus or using an OC Bus transit facility.

▪ Print and Digital Creative Development, Design, Copywriting and Production Create strategic and innovative design theme and message that resonate with campaign in both online and print formats. Be able to respond quickly to execute creative development through design, copywriting, and production in a timely manner to meet the project deadlines. Consultant shall produce, deliver, or accept files from the following software:

– Adobe Creative Cloud (including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

– High resolution PDF

– Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 

– Ability for FTP and/or Dropbox electronic file transfer 

▪ Web Development Assist in web design and execution as necessary, firm should have proficiency with web design, development, testing and deployment. The firm should have experience with the Ektron content management system, ASP.NET3.5 framework and advance front-end technologies, such as HTML5 and JQuery. 

▪ Video Production Produce awareness videos for digital viewing, to include treatments, script development, casting, filming (using professional equipment and post production), editing, sound mixing, musical scoring and titling, as well as delivery of working files and full-resolution final cuts. 

Due Date:

February 19, 2020


Orange County Transportation Authority Contracts Administration and Materials Management P.O. Box 14184 Orange, California 92863-1584 Attention: Donald Herrera, Contract Administrator

Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Alison Brod PR.



To provide an efficient and reliable transportation alternative for Honolulu’s congested urban corridor, the Honolulu Rail Transit Project was established in 2005, with the support of federal, state and local officials. The project provides for a rail transit route running from East Kapolei to Ala Moana Center, with stations at 21 key commuter and visitor destinations, including Aloha Stadium, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu International Airport and downtown Honolulu, Oahu’s core commercial and business center. 

The elevated rail system will not be affected by accidents or congested streets and highways and will deliver riders to their destination on time, every time. Honolulu’s modern, fully automated electrically powered rail system will take more than 40,000 vehicles off our roads every week day by 2030. Because the train will be electrically powered, it will use renewable energy sources, thereby reducing Hawaii’s dependence on fossil fuels. Rail transit will deliver reliable and affordable transportation service, enhancing the quality of life for Oahu’s residents by freeing them from time spent in traffic congestion. The first section of the rail system, from Kapolei to Aloha Stadium, is slated to begin operating in 2020, and the entire route will be operational in 2025 when the remaining segment to Ala Moana Center is completed.

Scope of Work:

Task 1: Brand Positioning, Personality, Name and Logo Development

· Develop brand positioning and brand personality.

o Develop and articulate written narrative to support strategy to be employed.

· Develop brand name recommendation with 2 alternative recommendations.

o Develop 3 logo alternatives for each brand name.

o Revise and resubmit as may be directed, at a minimum, by the evaluation team, the director and deputy director of the Department of Transportation Services.

o Refine final logo for large-scale use, high resolution use, low resolution use, digital use, thumbnail use with relevant one color, full color, four-color process options. Deliver logo versions ready for all requested uses with unrestricted usage rights 

Task 2: Legal trademark research and registration, domain registration, social media availability

· Obtain federal trademark for the train name and logo applicable to federal trademark law.

· Process submittals and respond to refusals by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

o Example: To date, attempts to register TheBus by the City and County of Honolulu have been refused on the basis that the name is descriptive of the actual service and therefore cannot be denied to other transit services. 

· Renew federal trademark request every six (6) months until federal trademark process can be completed.

· Search for recommended domain name availability. Identify options and related domains to purchase for consumer clarity and to protect the chosen brand and domain name from those who may wish to create confusion. 

· Determine availability of brand name in facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, snapchat, etc. to ensure the brand can be promoted in social media. Recommend name options if necessary. 

Task 3: Brand standards manual 

· Create a manual that provides specific rules for use of the brand name, logo, colors, typefaces, and other relevant graphic and verbal design elements. The guide includes, but is not limited to: o Logo color(s) in PMS (Pantone Matching System), four color process, and RGB for web usage

o Secondary color palette of accent colors complimentary to the logo for use across communications materials, web, and signage o Black-and-white and reversed (white on black) versions

o Logo usage standards o Predetermined visual proportion, spacing and alignment of the elements of the logo o Specified “No-Print” Zones around logo o Minimum logo size allowable for reproduction

o Allowable backgrounds for carrying the logo o Appropriate and Inappropriate-usage examples

· Brand typography (using commonly available typefaces) for headlines and body copy for communications materials, signage, and web-safe usage

· Usage guidelines for livery, standard station and train trade dress elements, wayfinding maps and signs, Station signage, uniforms.

· Electronic (Powerpoint) applications

Task 4: Website Development

· Develop the structure of a new City-managed and hosted website for the train, including home page, navigation approach, graphic look and feel, key landing pages, means to highlight important information and promotions, and other elements deemed critical to the brand. 

· DTS will provide content outline and write six pages of initial content for brand personality review and discussion and then write/edit existing copy to be consistent with the brand.

· Include an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) for simple text/graphic editing and page additions/deletions within the existing structure.

· Recommend social media banner for initial use and recommendation for how to select future banners.

· Not to include hosting. Task 5: Integration and Application Support Provide technical support for applications and system implementation. IV. Minimum Qualifications

· Five (5) years of experience in technical support of applications and hosted computer systems.

· Graphic design capabilities. V. City Responsibilities The City will endeavor to provide all available reports, data, and designs regarding the rail system and related transportation infrastructure as is reasonably available. Information will be provided as available with consideration for document disclosure and redaction requirements, specifically set by HRS §92F-13.

Due Date:

February 12


Agencies worth considering include Shift Communications and Small Girls PR.

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