Florida Town Seeks Branding Company

florida town seeks branding company

Town of Windermere, Florida is seeking a branding company.

The primary goal/objectives to be achieved by the Town Branding Initiative include:

  • Uniformity: The brand should convey a common message and image to audiences both within and outside the Town of Windermere.
  • Town Identity: Identify and promote what makes the Town of Windermere distinct and appealing to residents, business owners, and visitors.
  • Flexibility: The brand must be flexible and adaptable in order to meet the needs of a variety of Departments and Town functions. The brand will be incorporated into signage, letterhead, uniforms, Town fleet, and design codes.
  • Endorsement: The brand must be authentic and resonate with the citizens, businesses, and Town groups within Windermere in order to gain the broadest possible support for the initiative.
  • Design Guidelines Strategic Plan: The consultant will develop strategic objectives that will include implementation, management and ongoing promotion of the brand. The Respondent should demonstrate how the brand can be configured into the design of Town signage (activity, way finding, etc.), print and electronic advertising, Templates, Social Media as well as the various Departments (Uniforms, Town Fleet, etc.) and create a guideline for employee use.
  • Advise: Respondent will act as Advisor to the Town Staff and Council
  • Research: Research will be the basis for the development of the brand concept, creative elements and overall brand initiatives. The consultant will create and implement a brand research plan which may include qualitative and quantitative research to identify the following:

o   List key stakeholders, groups, or influential individuals, as well as a cross section of citizens and business owners.

o   The key elements would be the Town of Windermere’s history and overall identity.

o   Analysis of current efforts and existing creative elements such as logos, tag lines, and creative designs.

  • Implementation Plan: The consultant will develop an action plan for the implementation of the brand in sufficient detail to allow the Committee to understand the approach and work plan. The plan should include but not limited to the following:

o   Estimated costs/budget associated with the implementation process.

o   Proposed timeline for all phases of implementation.

o   Recommended positioning logo and bran guidelines.

Due Date:

July 28th, 2017.


Town of Windermere
PO drawer 669 614 main St.
Windermere, FL 34786

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