Partnership West, Inc. Business Improvement District Issues RFP For Marketing Firm

2018-06-21 by EPR Staff

Partnership West, Inc. Business Improvement District Issues RFP For Marketing Firm

Partnership West, Inc. (PWI), the District Management Corporation of the West Ward Business Improvement District (BID) is seeking price quotes from consultants to provide communications services specifically branding/marketing expertise to the BID for the specific time frame between July to December 2018.

Scope of Work:

The selected consultant will work with the Executive Director and the Marketing Committee to create and implement a branding marketing strategy for PWI.

Two Components

Creation of a branding/marketing strategy:

  • You will be working with the Executive Director and the Marketing Committee. The Board of Directors has already engaged in several marketing sessions and therefore has developed a mission, vision, logo and tagline for Partnership West, Inc. You will be asked to take the strategy to the next level by building out what has already been created and helping to create identities    for the neighborhoods within the graphic boundaries (see above).
  • This project has a definite time limit. We would like to be midway through by summers end. The complete project will run from July 15 – December 26, 2018.

Implementation of the branding/marketing strategy:

Implement within the developed strategy: (this list is not exhaustive)

– Proactively promote PWI using all marketing channels

– Create and manage copy for external print and digital materials

– Plan and lead robust social media campaigns to achieve targeted outcomes

– Assist PWI in building a robust email list from membership

– Write press releases and work with media outlets to generate press when needed

– In partnership with the Executive Director design creative materials such as banners, and promotional and print materials

– Provide ED with progress reports that will be shared with Board of Directors

– Keep company website fresh and up to date

Due Date:

June 29th, 2018.


Firms to be considered should include Finn Partners.