Newscom Pixation Images Helps You License Creative Content for Commercial Use

Images are critical for developing quality online content, and regardless of the domain of activity, useful resources with really good images are more than needed. Newscom seems to be seizing the opportunity, as it just launched its sister company, Pixation Images: a new platform for licensing creative content for commercial use.


Newscom partnered with important photographers and photo agencies worldwide such as akg-images, Cultura, Danita Delimont, DPA, imagebroker, Robert Harding and Tetra Images, and managed to rapidly grow a significant base of photography for travel, stock, lifestyle, and creative imagery.

“We are certain that Pixation Images’ combination of the world’s most advanced digital media technology plus its enormous and rapidly growing library of creative imagery will delight our customers. Moreover, we add thousands of images daily and continue to develop and implement innovative technologies to help users find exactly the image they need. We help our customers find amazing needles in very large haystacks,” explained Scott Calder, CEO and President of Newscom.

The two websites – Newscom and Pixation Images (both owned and operated by Mainstream Data) – have some similarities, but the new project launched aims to provide clients with quality creative images that will help them better communicate their story. Pixation Images offers 24/7 help, clients contacting real people at any given time and will also have free research available.

“Pixation Images builds on Newscom’s position as a leader in the content licensing marketplace and provides commercial clients with a welcome alternative,” said BJ Warnick, Vice President of Sales, Rights, and Licensing at Pixation Images and Newscom.

There are several very well known websites that provide quality images which can be used for commercial purposes, but it is always good to have something fresh, new photos you can choose from at affordable prices. New websites providing such services will definitely be used if, in the end, the clients have some benefits.

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