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The Changing PR Efforts in the Metaverse

2022-02-23 by EPR Staff

The Metaverse isn’t a very easy topic to understand, simply because it doesn’t actually exist. It’s not a thing or an entity, and it’s not physical or digital. It’s simply the idea of a thinner boundary between people’s digital and physical beings. The early times of the digital space weren’t easy for companies, but the interactions that they had with their consumers weren’t too different from those they previously had in the real world. The messages that companies sent out to their consumers were distributed through websites, instead of print outlets. The next change in the digital space came with... Read More >

The Role of PR in the Product Launch Cycle

2022-02-21 by EPR Staff
product launch cycle chris maximi 2

In order to understand the role of PR in the product launch cycle, it is essential to first look at the main objectives of PR. Buzz creation – PR creates interest around a brand by creating buzz about its products and services. It builds a feeling that people are excited about product offerings. Visibility Improvement – It draws attention from the target audience. This helps break through the clutter and reach out to your audience Create Sentiment – PR creates positive sentiment around your offering, which is critical for building long-lasting relationships with your customers. How PR aids Product Launches... Read More >

PR Lessons from Bill Gates

2022-02-13 by EPR Staff
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In the early days of Microsoft, Bill Gates and his company were under attack by several skeptics who believed that home computers would never catch on with the general public. These skeptics were often quoted in the media, and it seemed they had a lot of influence over prospective customers. Rather than letting the skeptics bother him, Bill Gates came up with a brilliant solution. He invited the four most influential critics to Seattle for a tour of Microsoft and a chance to spend time with Gates himself. The critics agreed, and once they arrived at Microsoft's headquarters, each one... Read More >

PR for product launches 

2022-02-09 by Ronn Torossian
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What can be done to get journalists interested in a product? A product launch involves a lot of components that have to be synchronized to deliver success. PR for a product launch can reinforce its advertising and influence the target audience. PR has a crucial role to play in the process of a product launch, including its preparation. Given below are ways to make sure that PR for a product launch doesn’t fall flat.  Create a market buzz  PR companies are increasingly relying on social media as one of the important media channels used to endorse their products. It is... Read More >

Misinformation on YouTube

2022-02-05 by EPR Staff

Online misinformation and false news stories have been spreading quickly in the last few years, with various bad actors trying to profit from such efforts. A number of platforms have been involved in the discourse regarding misinformation, and plenty of them have been trying to implement different strategies to help combat the spread of fake news. Misinformation is the deliberate sharing of false information without the intention to cause harm, while disinformation is when false information is shared with the intent to cause harm. Fact-Checker Letter According to a recent statement from a global coalition of fact-checkers, the popular video... Read More >

Boosting Beauty Brand Awareness Through Public Relations

2022-02-02 by EPR Staff

The pandemic has drastically changed  the public relations industry, which means beauty brands -mainly indie beauty brands- had to find different ways to boost awareness. Many beauty brands started utilizing strategies such as SMS marketing and outreach, affiliate promotions, and connecting with consumers in person. Affiliate Promotions According to researchers, the global ad revenue with print magazines is constantly decreasing compared to previous years, and that trend is going to continue in the next few years. With a large number of media companies looking for new sources of revenue aside from traditional print ads in magazines, one recent  critical marketing... Read More >

Wealth Management Goes Digital

2022-01-31 by Ronn Torossian

Digital wealth management is the use of technology to  help clients manage and grow their wealth . It also offers investors a range of savings and investment products. The wealth management industry is on the verge of digital transformation. With clients demanding greater personalization and efficiency,wealth managers are adopting digital strategies to remain competitive. Given below are strategies that wealth managers should adopt to make sure that they are adapting to the needs of customers. Omnichannel customer communications and engagement Omnichannel customer communications in wealth management is  a strategy that allows organizations to communicate seamlessly across all print and digital... Read More >

Generating Content With Google Search Trends

2022-01-27 by EPR Staff
google search t

With Google constantly changing its algorithm, companies constantly have to stay on top of the current shifts in order to keep ranking high in the search engine’s results pages (SERPs).  The search engine is great at delivering important information and resources regarding search engine optimization (SEO). This info can also be obtained through guides and the annual Search Trends report.  Companies that want to get a competitive advantage should be using all available tools to access this information.  The Google Search Trends report can be a useful way for businesses to get a better understanding of consumers’ search habits. It... Read More >

Fake news and corporate reputation

2022-01-20 by EPR Staff
Fake Reviews

Over the past few years, fake news has become a major part of any discourse around the media. Fake news that leads to negative headlines can damage the reputation of a company, bring down its stock price, and set off a PR nightmare. In the corporate world, fake news can act like a suicide bomber. The reputation of a company can blow up into bits. The falsified information that fake news contains may have varied content, but all fake news has a defined objective. Its objective is to misinform by distorting reality. Given below are ways by which businesses can... Read More >

Communications Lessons from Taylor Swift

2022-01-18 by EPR Staff
taylorswift single release mine

Everywhere people turn these days, they can’t seem to get away from Taylor Swift, and that seems to be continuing into 2022. Just in the last three years, she’s managed to release three new albums, Lover, folklore, and evermore, as well as two that she re-released with additional songs, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), and Red (Taylor’s Version). The last one got 90 million streams on Spotify on its release date, November 12.   Swift herself managed to make history in the music industry by releasing a 10-minute version of one of her most popular heartbreak anthems from Red (Taylor’s Version). The song, once the album was released,... Read More >

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