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Singer Associates Does Town and Company Newspaper – Both in the Standard


Richmond, California is a relatively small community and much of the industry there is tied to the large Chevron refinery. About 2013, Chevron and their local PR agency decided to put out a town newspaper featuring positive happenings in the area as well as Chevron-related news and views such as their Chevron Speaks column. Without the paper, Richmond would have to rely solely on Bay Area news since their previous local paper went under more than two decades ago.

The online paper is put together entirely by Mike Aldax, a former reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle. Serving as editor and reporter, he is an account exec at Singer Associates, Chevron’s local PR firm. Chevron reports this has been a successful endeavor as they now receive more views from the people of Richmond than does the Chronicle. This experiment is closely followed by other large corporations looking for ways to create ties to local communities where they have large operations, such as Koch Industries.

Four Lifestyle Clients Sign with Nancy J. Friedman PR

Nancy J. Friedman is having a good month when it comes to adding lifestyle clients. The agency has recently signed four new companies – Mah-Ze-Dahr – Tom Colicchio’s online bakery launching their first brick and mortar location in New York, Pod BK in New York City launching new luxury micro-hotels in Williamsburg and Brooklyn, One Aldwych a luxury hotel (and new restaurant – Eneko – launching in October) in London, and Hyatt Key West Resort & Spa in Florida as they complete a total transformation and relaunch. In addition, Canyon Ranch renewed their AOR for the second year. NJFPR is known for their representation of luxury lifestyle clients and has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Boston.

MSLGroup Integrates U.S. Operations by Expanding Responsibilities of Senior Leaders

Boston’s managing director, Danielle Wuschke takes on the opportunity of leading operations for MSLGroup across the U.S. She’s been with MSL since April when she joined after leaving FleishmanHillard. Atlanta’s managing director, Kyle Farnham adds organic growth in the U.S. to his list of efforts. DC office Sr. VP, Sheila McLean will lead the U.S, offices building citizenship and maintaining offerings to clients as she brings New York, Chicago, Detroit, and DC’s efforts to common ground. DC’s executive VP, Archie Smart takes on the task of unifying MSL’s nine U.S. offices’ digital social efforts.

MSL will also use a centralized project management team under George Conboy, strategic planning director, to bring creative employees together building a link between all creative firms under Publicis Groupe’s corporate umbrella.

Peppercomm Looking for Financial and Professional Services Expert

Peppercomm seeks a candidate with strong skills in communications and financial services, who is dedicated to success, creativity, and innovation; someone who enjoys taking necessary calculated risks and grasps every chance to learn something new.

The person selected will help with global and domestic financial service clients to create and integrate communications and marketing campaigns while negotiating the sometimes choppy waters of regulatory commissions and economic shifts.

Requirements include someone with:

  • Experience helping regulated industries and matrixed organizations
  • Six or more years of B2B financial services and banking experience
  • High level of writing skills
  • A capacity for problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Deep understanding of trade media and business and financial press
  • Two or more years as a supervisor, mentor, and experience helping to develop team members moving upward with their career goals

Visit for more details.

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