PR Talent Train, Affordable Services and PR Jobs for Graduates


Marketing and PR consultancy Clothier Lacey & Co (CLC) has just launched a new company, PR Talent Train. The new spin-off public relations firm was designed with two main directions in mind: providing affordable PR services for companies who have recently entered the market and have limited budgets and creating new jobs for fresh PR graduates.

CLC, who has been in the marketing and PR field since 1999, has taken on two graduates this summer, Lisa Kelly and Helen McGuirk, who have now become PR Talent Train’s first employees. The future plan for the fresh agency is to add two more graduates by the end of the year, with more to be employed in 2011 when the economy is expected to improve.

Philippa Clothier, managing director of CLC, had the idea to establish the PR Talent Trains as a response to marketing conditions which have driven a large number of companies to cut their investment in marketing and PR activities:

“Whilst many companies have cut back on marketing activities, we continue to be deluged by job applications from well qualified graduates and aspiring under-graduates whose hopes of breaking into the PR industry are being dashed because it is a sector badly hit by the recession. At the same time, there are a number of people starting up their own businesses because they cannot find jobs. By focusing on these two strands, the PR Talent Train has been born.”

The PR Talent Train started out by offering training and job opportunities to graduates, helping them get the experience they need and also using their fresh ideas on ongoing projects. Furthermore, start-up and emerging companies will be offered quality PR services at affordable rates enabled by the fact graduates, who generally make less money than established PR professionals, are actually doing the work.

While new in the PR field, the PR Talent Train is backed up by the 12 year experience of the company behind them, CLC, starting out with a valuable capital of trust and recognition. To support this capital, all the services provided by the PR Talent Train team will be supervised by CLC senior directors.

While this CLC initiative sounds like a great idea, I do believe they should definitely start by getting a web address instead of that ugly IP-

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