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It’s no secret. A press release can catapult your company or service into the public eye in a heartbeat, or it can end up in the trash bin, literally and virtually. Let’s make a choice. Let’s write a press release that gets results.

Number one?  A killer headline. News professionals and journalists are hit with press releases all day every day and yours has to stand out and grab their attention, enough to get read. So what’s a good headline? One that is catchy, short and has enough information on your company to leave readers wanting more.

Okay, you’ve got their attention. Don’t lose it. Know your audience and tailor your release accordingly. Make the necessary and helpful changes for either print or a website. For instance, if it’s a local publication, bring in the local ties to your story. If it’s a website, be general and global specific.

In the body of your press release, don’t forget the very basic requirements of who, what, when, where and why. And remember, you are informing, not selling. Let your facts stand on their own. Avoid fluff. Also, make sure your release is tied to time. Ask yourself, is this newsworthy Now? You can be sure an editor will be thinking that very thing. And remember, write in an objective, third-person tone.

Quotes are always helpful but make them personal and of interest to your reader, not filled with data. Find a strong person in your organization to act as the spokesperson and tie the quote to them.

In addition, be Concise! A press release should be no more than one page. Help your editors and news sources follow up on your story, provide links to websites or social media in your release. Also, make sure your copy is strong with keywords and phrases leading to more information about your company.

Before you send that release, go over it with a fine-toothed comb. Make sure your name, phone number, and email address are clearly at the top, along with the words “Press Release” and the date. Proofread at least twice making certain it is done properly.

There are many people vying for the same media attention as you, and one grammatical or spelling mistake can send your efforts to the round file. Don’t let it happen.

Now hit send, and trust.

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