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Tonic Life Communications is a company that specializes in the healthcare sector, managing reputations, improving branding, and enhancing messaging for the teams that strive to make the world a happier and healthier place.

Inspired by the term “Tonic”, which refers to a medicine that can restore a person’s vitality or strength, global CEO Maryellen Royle uses her position at the head of Tonic to develop strong public relations strategies with companies in the diagnostic, pharma, and biopharma sectors. She brings more than 20 years of experience to the role and became one of the top women in the world of PR by “PR News”.

With a long track record in devices, lifestyle brands, and prescription medications, Tonic brings a host of unique insights and tools to the challenge of strengthening communication in the life sciences world.

Leadership and Clients

Working as a member of the Huntsworth Health network, Tonic is part of more than 70 offices in thirty different countries designed to giving healthcare brands a more global presence. This means that customers across the world can benefit from a more customized and bespoke client experience when they look for PR help.

Tonics offers both regular and data milestone assistance for mature and pipeline brands, as well as complex consumer campaigns, social media and blogger engagement, and professional advocacy relations. The company is also equipped to deliver services like spokesperson identification, media training, and market insights.

Perks and Problems

Tonic was originally founded in the United Kingdom, in 2004, and it is currently based in London with an additional office in the USA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company operates as a subsidiary of Huntsworth PLC. Tonic has been widely praised and recognized over the years for it’s fantastic commitment to high-quality integrated communications campaigns with leading publications and industry organizations. This group has earned a reputation for building meaningful relationships with campaigns and companies that help brands to evolve and move beyond the boundaries of their initial reputation.

When it comes to employment, Tonic offers competitive salaries and fun days out for staff members a couple of times a year. Get a glimpse into the company on their Twitter or LinkedIn pages.

Getting a Job with Tonic Communications

Tonic prides itself on offering a combination of communications skills mixed with scientific expertise in the PR industry. They deliver services like social media strategy, internal communications, global alignment, and medical meeting support, among other solutions.
For those interested in getting a job with the company, Tonic is always interested in hiring individuals who have a passion for the healthcare and life sciences industry, and they’re looking out for people with exceptional communication skills. You can find out more by contacting


Some of the clients that Tonic work with include the HealtheVoices Conference, the NHS in England, and more. Tonic believes that the most important part of running a successful PR company is earning the trust and respect of the clients they work with. They currently represent some of the most influential brands in the world and believe that it’s up to them to keep those companies running smoothly.

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