Promoting Wine to Consumers vs Restaurants

Wine marketing and promotion can differ depending on the location where it is being sold. Inside restaurants, wine promotion can be very different from outside of restaurants. The sale of wine on premise vs. off premise has a significant impact on wine marketing and promotion strategies. There are some differences between inside and outside restaurant wine promotion, so it’s important to define off premise and on premise meanings and the difference both have on marketing strategies.

On-premise sales

On premise wine sales refer to wines that are sold and consumed on the premises of the restaurant or bar. These wines are often sold by the glass or bottle and are typically accompanied by a food menu. Wine lists are usually curated by sommeliers or beverage directors: people who create wine lists that complement the cuisine served in the restaurant.

Inside restaurant promotion

Inside restaurant wine promotion can be an effective wine marketing strategy for promoting wines to customers. Restaurants often have a captive audience. This means that customers are already in the restaurant and are more likely to buy wine with their meals. Restaurants often use wine lists to promote certain wines, using descriptions and tasting notes to educate customers about the wine’s flavor profile. Restaurants may also offer wine pairings with tasting menus or special events. Those are strategies that can help customers try new wines and explore new flavors. Wine flights are also a popular promotion method, where customers can try a variety of wines in small portions.

Outside restaurant promotion

Outside restaurant wine promotion can be a bit more challenging. Customers are not already in the restaurant, so wine lists and pairings may not be as effective. Instead, wine brands may focus on building relationships with distributors, retailers, and online wine sellers. Wine tastings and events can also be an effective way to promote wines outside of restaurants. Wine tastings allow customers to sample different wines and learn more about the flavor profiles and production methods. These events may be hosted by wine brands, wine shops, or even online wine retailers.

Off premise sales

Off premise wine sales refer to wines that are sold and consumed off the premises of the restaurant or bar. These wines are often sold in retail stores, online, or through wine clubs. The wine marketing strategies for off premise wine sales differ from on premise sales.

Inside retail store promotion

Inside retail stores, wine promotion can be much like inside restaurant promotion. Retail stores may use wine lists or displays to promote certain wines and may offer wine tastings or pairings to educate customers about the wines they are selling.

Outside retail store promotion

Outside retail store promotion can include advertising in print or online media. It can include working with marketing agencies that offer social media promotions, email marketing, and other wine marketingservices. Wine brands may also partner with retailers to offer special promotions, such as discounts or free shipping, to encourage customers to buy their wines.

Wine clubs

Wine clubs are another way for wine brands to promote their wines. Wine club members receive regular shipments of wine, often curated by sommeliers or beverage directors. Wine clubs may also offer exclusive discounts, events, or experiences to their members, which can help build a loyal customer base.

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