4 Great Tourism & Real Estate Campaigns

Real Estate Tourism Campaigns

There are real estate campaigns, and then there are causes. We’d like to share campaigns involving real estate that weren’t intended to buy or sell property, but to enhance, protect, and help it continue for future generations. What campaign would you add to our list?

I love NY everything-pr

I Love (heart) NY Campaign

This campaign started in 1977 when New York had developed a bad reputation. The campaign was targeted to attract tourists and new home owners alike. While not a typical subject for a real estate campaign, it, nevertheless, is probably one of the most successful PR campaigns of all time.

Almost 40 years from its beginning and the classic two-line slogan of only four characters is still a staple for souvenirs bought by tourists and locals alike. It is also one that has been reworked to promote countless other places and items – but none as successfully as the original. The campaign was a joint effort between graphic designer, Milton Glaser and Ad Agency Wells Rich Greene.

Forest Fire everything-pr

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

This campaign began in the 1940s and still continues. Generations have grown up knowing and loving Smokey the Bear as he reminded us all to protect the wilderness lands. Over time the slogan has changed from forest fires to wildfires for a wider purpose than the US Forest Service.

Again, not a traditional real estate campaign, but one that has run for more than 70 years and still has relevance. Want a reminder, watch this quick Smokey commercial.

Henry Morrison Flagler

Henry Morrison Flagler – Florida

What started as a tourism campaign in the late 1800’s eventually lead to the formation of both Miami and Palm Beach Florida. Flagler was a founder of Standard Oil Company as well as later in his life the East Coast Railway. Flagler’s first wife Mary was very sick, and her physicians recommended wintering in Florida believing it would help.

After her death, Flagler married again and the new couple traveled to Florida. They loved the location but found transportation and lodging unacceptable. Flagler began a sophisticated campaign marketing Florida as a vacation destination. This was a time when the adventure of the Wild West, or more exotic locales overseas tended to be the premiere vacation destinations for the well-to-do.

Ultimately, Flagler created such a love of the east coast of Florida for many of the visitors, they began investing in the real estate for themselves. I wonder if any of the current leading Floridian PR firms could craft such an organic PR campaign that Flagler unexpectedly created.

A Dark Hour PR Campaign

A Dark Hour

This was a campaign to draw attention to global warming. The first of its kind was in 2007 when millions of people around the world turned off their lights for Earth Hour. The aim was to save power and even many famous global landmarks celebrated an hour without electricity.

Again, not a real estate campaign per se, but what greater bit of real property is there then the planet where we live?

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