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4 Great Tourism & Real Estate Campaigns

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There are real estate campaigns, and then there are causes. We’d like to share campaigns involving real estate that weren’t intended to buy or sell property, but to enhance, protect, and help it continue for future generations. What campaign would you add to our list? I Love (heart) NY Campaign This campaign started in 1977 […]

Who are the Leading Real Estate PR Firms

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Public relations has many different niche areas of expertise where brands receive publicity and reputation management for growth and advancement. Among these fine-tuned sectors in PR is real estate. While many of the big-wig New York City PR firms work in real estate, here are some niche players specializing in the industry. Axiom Communications and […]

Buying a Home with an LLC Avoids Publicity

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There are a number of reasons for forming LLCs. Some are about protecting assets and keeping them separate. In most states, forming an LLC is relatively easy. You fill out a form, file it with the State (usually the Secretary of State’s office), pay the fee and renew the paperwork and fees every year. It […]

Communication in the Real Estate Industry


The real estate market has always had highs and lows throughout the years. Real estate agents can experience real pressure when trying to buy or sell real estate. One of the ways that can help a real estate agent is to have a strong communications plan in place. A strong communications plan begins with accessibility. […]

Charles Rutenberg Names Stefani Markowitz President


One of Manhattan’s Largest Residential Real Estate Firms Appoints Youngest President in New York City Real Estate History Charles Rutenberg, one of New York City’s largest residential real estate brokerages announced the appointment of Stefani Markowitz as President of the firm, which boasts over 500 licensed real estate brokers throughout New York City. Markowitz, 27 years old, will lead […]

Real Estate Public Relations and Brand Building

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There are so many sectors where people invest to build their brand – consumer goods, entertainment, technology. A sector where there’s a dearth of major brands considering that it is one of the largest sectors in the world? Real estate. Quick – how many brands can you name in the real estate world? Donald Trump – great. Who else?