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Marketing Strategy Tips for Real Estate

2021-10-18 by EPR Staff
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One of the most challenging, yet lucrative industries has always been real estate, and according to a recent study, many homebuyers tend to make purchases with the help of brokers or real estate agents. Not only that but according to the study, most of those buyers ended up only looking into a single real estate agent, which greatly highlights the importance of getting in front of buyers and building awareness for real estate agencies and brokers. This, along with a few other reasons are why those types of agencies should have a solid understanding of real estate marketing, along with... Read More >

Branding a Real Estate Company

2021-09-24 by EPR Staff

Real estate companies understand the importance of having a company website, as well as a general presence across social media platforms. However, once those parts of a company's brand have been established, it's time to focus on all the other real estate branding features necessary for a business in that industry. Between sharing content across social platforms, creating email campaigns, and creating blog posts, it takes a bit of work to brand a real estate company. When it comes to creating brand recognition for most businesses across different industries, they have to utilize a variety of strategies. Those strategies include... Read More >

Rubenstein Associates Sees PR Guru Start Own Firm, Leave With Legendary Real Estate Clients

2015-10-28 by EPR Staff
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Splashed across the pages of The New York Times today is the news that Steve Solomon, the long-time right-hand man of Howard Rubenstein of Rubenstein Associates will be leaving the firm this week to start his own consulting company, Steve Solomon Inc. Solomon, 76, has served as Executive Vice President of the legendary New York PR firm since 1990, and runs the agencys real estate practice, where clients include some of New York’s biggest developers, including Extell, LeFrak, Macklowe, Charles Kushner, and others. Among the clients who will be leaving with Solomon, according to the NY Times are “Cohen Brothers... Read More >

4 Great Tourism & Real Estate Campaigns

2015-09-07 by EPR Staff
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There are real estate campaigns, and then there are causes. We’d like to share campaigns involving real estate that weren’t intended to buy or sell property, but to enhance, protect, and help it continue for future generations. What campaign would you add to our list? I Love (heart) NY Campaign This campaign started in 1977 when New York had developed a bad reputation. The campaign was targeted to attract tourists and new home owners alike. While not a typical subject for a real estate campaign, it, nevertheless, is probably one of the most successful PR campaigns of all time. Almost... Read More >

Real Estate Public Relations Campaign: 10 Ways to Go Beyond Publicity

2015-07-31 by Ronn Torossian
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In real estate, competition is fierce and much of marketing and public relations responsibility falls onto the shoulders of an individual agent, broker or marketing employee. Due to the nature of real estate and the ever-changing ebb and flow of business, keeping up with the basics is often enough to occupy every spare moment. In this cycle of "just get it done," public relations innovation most often falls to the wayside. At 5WPR, we oversee many Real Estate firms and agents, and have identified some great ways to stand out amongst the competition. Obviously, an agent's success or failure largely... Read More >

Buying a Home with an LLC Avoids Publicity

2015-07-22 by EPR Staff
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There are a number of reasons for forming LLCs. Some are about protecting assets and keeping them separate. In most states, forming an LLC is relatively easy. You fill out a form, file it with the State (usually the Secretary of State’s office), pay the fee and renew the paperwork and fees every year. It is so simple that you can get an agency to handle it all for you for a nominal fee, including the annual renewal. Many people do not realize the Public Relations scrutiny that may be avoided while using this method. Before filing, you will want... Read More >

Communication in the Real Estate Industry

2015-02-26 by EPR Staff

The real estate market has always had highs and lows throughout the years. Real estate agents can experience real pressure when trying to buy or sell real estate. One of the ways that can help a real estate agent is to have a strong communications plan in place. A strong communications plan begins with accessibility. A real estate agent needs to be accessible to his or her clients as well as other agents who are in the market. If an agent is not available, a client may turn to another agent who is accessible. Accessibility can be tricky. A meal... Read More >

Charles Rutenberg Names Stefani Markowitz President

2014-11-18 by EPR Staff

One of Manhattan’s Largest Residential Real Estate Firms Appoints Youngest President in New York City Real Estate History Charles Rutenberg, one of New York City’s largest residential real estate brokerages announced the appointment of Stefani Markowitz as President of the firm, which boasts over 500 licensed real estate brokers throughout New York City. Markowitz, 27 years old, will lead the company and continue the legacy of her grandfather Richie Friedman, the founder of the real estate firm. Rutenberg Realty: One of NY's Leading Real Estate Firms Rutenberg is known as the financially savvy alternative to the traditional real estate experience as the firm credits a... Read More >

Charles Rutenberg New York On The Benefit of Getting the Entire Commission

2014-10-31 by EPR Staff

Why do people become real estate brokers if not for the incredible opportunity to make a lot of money in a single transaction? Of course there are other reasons too; it can offer a flexible schedule, some live for the thrill of the sell, and, particularly in New York, some may enjoy the chance to network with celebrities and the socialites  Yet, few would argue  that money is the draw, and the ability to keep more of what they sell is always alluring. Most brokers only see a small percentage of their commission, and few are aware that they can... Read More >

Rubenstein Public Relations Wins 3 Real Estate Clients

2013-11-12 by EPR Staff
Rubenstein PR

New York based Real estate PR firm Rubenstein Public Relations (RPR) has just announced new client wins that include the Brooklyn brokerage firm Ideal Properties Group, real estate investment group HAP Investments, and Stuyvesant Square condominium Rutherford Place. Ideal Properties Group offers a stunning inventory of properties is a premier Brooklyn property entity, while HAP Investments is a New York City-based real estate investment group specializing in development. As for Rutherford Place, this is a collection of residences being transformed into unique condo homes along Second Avenue. Rubenstein Public Relations (RPR) represents high-profile cleintele in media relations, creative, and in the business development areas.... Read More >

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