Communication in the Real Estate Industry


The real estate market has always had highs and lows throughout the years. Real estate agents can experience real pressure when trying to buy or sell real estate. One of the ways that can help a real estate agent is to have a strong communications plan in place.

A strong communications plan begins with accessibility. A real estate agent needs to be accessible to his or her clients as well as other agents who are in the market. If an agent is not available, a client may turn to another agent who is accessible. Accessibility can be tricky. A meal with family or spending a day off can be interrupted by a phone call or a text. Remember that buyers and sellers usually do not make a transaction in the middle of a day. Instead, decisions are made in the evening and weekends.

When out of town or in need of a day off, it is important to find an individual or team to receive a phone call or provide helpful information. This can be extremely challenging at times. There is a fear of potentially losing a sale or having competition taking a client. Having an assistant or a friendly professional answer calls and provide information is certainly better than a client not being able to connect with anyone at all. It can help to create a list of answers for an associate or a professional to provide if away for a while.

While being accessible and finding help are great assets, remember that technology can be extremely helpful as well in order to prevent clients from becoming frustrated due to an agent who does not have the resources to say in touch.

Elie Hirschfeld, a prominent real estate developer is known for always being accessible and making things happen – as he notes, “A smart phone can keep real estate agents connected with clients and other individuals. Texting, phone calls and emails can be done all within one portable unit. A brief text message when in a meeting can enable a client to know that his or her agent is working hard and is currently busy. Once that information is known, people can be more understanding.”

Agents have to be intentional when making a communication plan that is strong. However, the investment of time and money can be truly worth it. Furthermore, it is a great way to serve clients and establish a good reputation among fellow agents.

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